’12 October

Back from the far away.
Aug 27-03 Budapest
Sep 04-05 Sopron, Hungary
Sep 06-15 Vienna
Sep 16-25 Prague and Brno
Sep 26-29 Wroclaw
Sep 30-06 Dresden, Leipzig, Stadthagen, and Hanover
Oct 07-16 Berlin

Both girls had their…

October 31

Both girls had their school parade at the same time so Angela went with Rome and I got to take Lilly to school and cheer her on…

Lilly, Bailey

Sooo cute….

Sooo cute.

Ella, Van, Jackson, Bailey, Zori, Jaya, Lilly, Ella, Tyler, Amir, Jacob, Baxter, Xander

I walked over to…

I walked over to Rome’s school for pick up. There she is chatting with her teacher.

The crossing guard, fit out for the day.

Time to get ready…

Time to get ready for Trick or Treating! The whole neighborhood was alive with Halloween. It was very cool.

Sharon and I got…

October 30

Sharon and I got to meet Baby Chloe today. YAY! Thanks for the lunch ladies…

Molly, Chloe, Nancy, Sharon

And not to miss…

And not to miss Jones The Dog who is getting his jealousy under control by begging for food and licking Molly’s legs.

We Monday Nighters after…

October 29

We Monday Nighters after feasting on our potluck dinner sprawled out for Dancing With The Stars on Ann’s new gigantic tv bought for this exact purpose.

Maxine, Becky, Ann, Marija, Maryanne, Alicia, Lourdes.
missing: Marsha, Ljubica, and me since I took the picture.

After seeing Argo with…

October 28

After seeing Argo with Nancy and Sharon I got to go over to see Katie and Jed’s new house. The movie was excellent as is the house. Congratulations Katie and Jed!

And even more Trick or Treating.

Heidi’s annual Halloween Party…

Heidi’s annual Halloween Party for the valley crowd. Think there are more pictures? Oh yes indeed-y. I’ll add a link when they’re done. I’m running a chapter of Heidi’s party pictures from the first back in 2007.

Watch all the kiddies grow! Watch the families grow! I just love it that even if I don’t see any of the kids and their adorable moms for a year, at least there’s Halloween to look forward to.

I got to see…

October 24

I got to see Lilly’s pre-school today, Sand Tots. What FUN.

The kid sitting on the couch against the wall reminds me of one of my favorite questions, from Rome I think, to her parents: “Are boogers vegetarian?”

The kids were so…

The kids were so engrossed in the story Lilly didn’t notice when we came in but at one point she glanced to her side and saw…

I had a nice…

October 23

I had a nice welcome home catch-up visit today with my little sister.

And I had a nice welcome home catch-up visit with Cynthia! These are some of their pictures from the summer’s fun in the sun.


Ahhh, the Pacific Ocean….

October 22

Ahhh, the Pacific Ocean. I spent the last two months in river country which was very nice .. still .. ahhh, Home-Sweet-Home.

Sharon and I did ‘our walk’ and then I went out to the have Monday Night Potluck with my Valley Girls. Just like home.

Nancy came by for…

October 21

Nancy came by for an early lunch and a long awaited visit. Look what came while I was gone! Welcome to the world sweet Chloe Eve!

Then I went out…

Then I went out to Marsha and Tom’s for dinner and to admire yet more home improvements, this being the new fabulous right-out-of-Marsha’s-dreams tree and front and back, compliments of the new automatic sprinklers, the green green grass of home.

This evening I had…

This evening I had dinner with Ken and his cousins, a couple of my favorite people, Chuck and Joan.

Whenever Chuck and Joan come out to LA it is usually around their anniversary and wherever they go Ken announces the celebration and cakes are forthcoming.

Home Sweet Home! …

October 19

Home Sweet Home! School hadn’t started when I left back in August and today I got to see Rome’s new classroom in Redondo Beach.

And a remote has…

And a remote has appeared with the new Xbox. Maybe I’ll learn how to run the system before the next change comes along .. maybe. I never did get fully fluent with the old system!

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