’07-’14 BOO! in the Valley


This whole set is…


This whole set is from Halloween in the San Fernando Valley highlighting Heidi’s annual Massive Monster Mash that I looove to attend, mostly to get this picture.

Roll on down if you want to ride the time machine.

I hope next year…

I hope next year there’s a set time to gather for these kids who will all be 10(!)…

Sam, Sydney, Sydne, Rome, Zoe, Nora, Ellie, Kayla, Max, Alexander

…and their moms too!…

…and their moms too!

Valerie (Alexander), Angela (Rome); Amy (Sydney), Andrea (Sam), Natalie (Max), Katie (Nora), Beth (Kayla), Charlean (Sydne), Emily (Zoe), Susie (Ellie)

Heidi’s annual Halloween Party…

Heidi’s annual Halloween Party for the valley crowd. Think there are more pictures? Oh yes indeed-y. I’ll add a link when they’re done. I’m running a chapter of Heidi’s party pictures from the first back in 2007.

Watch all the kiddies grow! Watch the families grow! I just love it that even if I don’t see any of the kids and their adorable moms for a year, at least there’s Halloween to look forward to.

Mine and Heidi’s photos…


Our Hosts for the 5th Annual Playgroup Halloween Party 2011, Thank you very much!

Mine and Heidi’s photos – Heidi is so good at going around and getting the shot. I took this one with Heidi’s camera. It’s grainy because I got it off the internet and then blew it up. Grainy but Cute.

Rony, Sydney, Heidi and baby boy on the way.

Jonathan, Olivia…

Jonathan, Olivia
Sam, Zack, Sydney, Zoe, Danika, Sydne, Jojo, Rome & Nora.
Sam, David, Ella, Sophia, Cecelia, Rocco, Lilly, Lila & Anya.

Heidi’s photo…and Finally! I’m home for Halloween.

Time for Trick ‘r…

HALLOWEEN 2008! October 31

Time for Trick ‘r Treat but first, Parteee! I’m taking that picture through the window. I’m so lucky – thanks to D&A I got to go to another Halloween Party!

This event was at the home of one of the school families including pumpkin decorating, a delicious dinner, and…

…Trick ‘r TREAT! …

…Trick ‘r TREAT! (btw I do have flash pictures of all this but I do not like them, I do not. So I’m going with this stuff because I like it better.)

I was wondering at first about hauling the kids around in wagons. Kids are supposed to Invest in getting that candy. But these parents knew better having been in this neighborhood last year.

The streets were shoulder…

The streets were shoulder to shoulder with People. People people people most in very excellent costumes crowding the streets for blocks around. It must have been in the paper or something – bring your kids here.

It was like a block party that just didn’t stop…our hosts spent $300 on candy(!). The homes never closed their doors and many set up tables out front with multiple candy stations to keep up with the non-stop flow of trick ‘r treaters.

That’s Darryl and Rome in the middle of the picture.

We were quite staggered…

We were quite staggered by the experience. Since everyone used the streets it wasn’t as packed as it could have been but good thing we kept those three kids contained in the wagon or we might have spent the whole night, in a loud voice, calling their names.

That’s Angela in the wings and Darryl in his wig and top hat. Thank you sweet ones for a great few days!

Story time!…

Story time!

Ellie Zoe Heidi Sydney Rome Sydney & Sydne
2nd picture Sydne Sydney Marquez Sydney (not sure who that is behind her) Ellie Heidi and Rome

The Trick ‘R Treating…

The Trick ‘R Treating stations! What a fun idea. They also ate a great lunch, decorated cookies, and had an entirely delightful time. As did I!

Sydney Susie Delilah Sydney Sydne Liza Nora Ellie back by the jungle gym Zoë Katie Marquez and Rome

Every one of those…

Every one of those adults had a camera. Click click click. It was really Fun!

(Oh goodie, playgroup party tomorrow, then Trick ‘r Treat the day after. Party Hearty!)

Check out all those…

Check out all those girls waiting their turn. A few times down the slide and Rome was out of her Princess Gown before it took any permanent damage.

Nora, Rome, Ellie

The Moms!…

The Moms!

front: Valerie (Alexander), Angela (Rome)
back: Amy (Sydney), Andrea (Sam), Natalie (Max), Katie (Nora), Beth (Kayla), Charlean (Sydne), Emily (Zoe), Susie (Ellie)

OK gang, time for…

OK gang, time for Trick ‘R Treat! Some of the same and some other families gathered in this neighborhood of Trick ‘R Treat perfection. Lights, sidewalks, no traffic, every house participating, and HORDES of children running in packs with cheery be-costumed adults at their heels.

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