’10 March and April

Home a week in March, then three weeks of aloha. Back for a while, then Bon Voyage! April 25th to LA-Istanbul-Jerusalem-Rome-LA until June 7th, and then home sweet home for the summer.

Mer-hah-bah (that’s hello in…

April 15

Mer-hah-bah (that’s hello in Turkish!) I’m leaving in 10 days now LA-Istanbul-Jerusalem-Rome-LA. I’m getting reeally excited.

No more work to do really except continue to study up on the sites and the languages. I can say hello; please; thank you; excuse me; great!; here please (pointing); I am from America; delicious!; how much?; goodbye (there are two expressions, one for the person leaving and one for the person staying) – in Turkish. Just two more languages to go, or three if I decided to add Arabic.

I’ve got reservations now for the first few days in each city so upon arrival I know where I’m going (I like that), and then I’ve got some go-with-the-flow time too. It’s not such high season that I risk too much in terms of finding accommodation. It’s just that for places both highly regarded and cheap, and to get a private room, you do need to plan ahead.

An outing to the…

April 24

An outing to the Page Museum with the kids. Are they so way too cute or What?

I don’t think I’m going to have time to do up the rest of the photos since in twelve short hours I’ll be winging my way to Istanbul. And I still have to pack, and sleep.

Rome, Angela, Darryl, Lilly

I got to see…

April 21

I got to see Brigitte today. She is gone more than I’m gone and our here-time is rarely overlapping these days.

Brigitte recently took this picture of their home. And the back is equally as gorgeous. A garden doesn’t get this lovely without loving and careful attention. My garden doesn’t look like this but Brigitte is always helping and encouraging me in my meager efforts.

I hope that this summer I’ll actually do a little more of what she advises. I hope.


Here we are, Ladies…

Here we are, Ladies Who Lunch.

Nancy D has moved to Santa Barbara, Sandy has moved to San Francisco, Nancy A moved to NYNY but has returned(!) and we all gathered for Lunch. It’s very noticeable when your good friends move away, by empty calendar squares and long distance phone calls, and really it’s not so easy to find new ones.

AirFrance, due to be…

April 19

AirFrance, due to be back in the air tomorrow. Should give them plenty of time to catch up before my departure on Sunday. Oh yea!

The Annenberg Space for…

April 18

The Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City. 1) free to get in 2) free parking in the mall 3) great shows. Go ahead, you won’t be sorry.

The current show was based on the ‘Water’ issue of National Geographic and was very cool to see. There was the HEY-we’re-killing-ourselves-here element of course, but those National Geo photos are always so wonderful.

Look what Celina made…

Look what Celina made for Steven’s birthday. Hurray Celina! And you can EAT those rose petals, and I certainly did.

Happy Birthday Steven!

Eyjafjallajokull.My flight to Istanbul…

April 16


My flight to Istanbul on the 25th connects through Charles de Gaulle, an airport that at the moment is closed. I’m not stressing really, although it is 3:38 in the morning and I’m awake. Maybe I’m awake trying to pronounce the name of that volcano.

Eyjafjallajokull as told by some guy on the internet: ay-yah-FYAH-plah-yer-kuh-duhl, or according to another guy it’s EYE-a-fyat-la-jo-kutl.

Or here’s a guy who went to a lot of trouble “”AY-yah-fyaht-lah-yook-kutl” with a /t/ sound in the third syllable, a secondary stress in the third syllable, and the fifth syllable rhyming, sort of, with “book”. Double L in Icelandic is pronounced /tl/.”

I’m not going to Iceland this trip. Catching a break on the languages anyway.

(photo from the NYTimes, walk with the cousins, happy bday hb, movie w/marsha)

I spent the Whole…

February 26

I spent the Whole Day watching Olympics on my computer (really, I’m even watching hockey right now) and getting my trip to Europe etc. started. It took HOURS to finally get an air itinerary because none of the online services would ‘confirm’ such a complicated itinerary and no one carrier could book the whole thing at anywhere near a reasonable price.

I’m all set now with dates and only one segment has a nasty flight – to go from Istanbul to Tel Aviv which is two hours away if you fly direct, I will be in transit for NINE hours and arrive at midnight. I got the idea to go to Israel because it was so close to Turkey and now it’s going to take the length of a transatlantic flight to get there! All the other flights are excellent though, so I’m happy. (LA-Istanbul-Tel Aviv-Rome-LA.)

THREE languages (maybe four if I decide to touch Arabic) one/two with an unknowable alphabet and all with lots of sounds never spoken in English… This is going to be HARD!

Can you guess how…

April 14

Can you guess how long it takes to go through everything that’s for sale on craigslist? Hours and HOURS. I was curious to see what all there was and there is sooo much.

And I only got through the ‘furniture – by owner’ part…there is sooo much MORE.

Ann and I got…

April 12

Ann and I got to have a great sushi lunch today…Yum, and then we walked a couple fast miles, and then we went to our Monday Night potluck where we ate a huge and scrumptious dinner…Yum …Again!

At Hilda and Merlyn’s…

April 11

At Hilda and Merlyn’s fabulous house, eating more of their delicious food, visiting with Alex and Carol here for some shoretime. Excellent!

The day began with…

April 10

The day began with Sharon – we went to Samy’s so she could buy a camera followed by Sharon’s first visit to Canter’s, for breakfast.

Then I joined Ben and Bonnie at a USC production of the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods. It was an excellent show and jolly good fun. We ate dinner at a near-by campus joint that served eXcellent food.

It was a day that makes you glad to be alive…and without a toothache.

It’s been a busy…

April 8

It’s been a busy few days and tomorrow I get to go have a root canal. At least my face will stop hurting.

Tuesday: We went for a walk, took this picture, and stopped off at the drugstore to make a print. Like magic.

Wednesday: I worked on…

Wednesday: I worked on L&H’s bookkeeping and then had dinner with Bill who was just back from an African safari. This is one of his pictures.

Now I simply must go on an African safari.


Thursday: I watched the…

Thursday: I watched the kids for a couple hours while Angela interviewed the local public school. She actually rather liked it. That’s cool.

Then more L&H and then a visit to Saint Marc, my dentist, he saying so-sorry root canal for you, and then a nice dinner with Nancy.

Katie and the girls…

April 6

Katie and the girls didn’t make it to the Easter Egg party so to keep track of them I’ve taken these pictures off Katie’s facebook. It looks like a lot of people there doesn’t it.

Katie, Nora, Anya, Lila.

Big D! Happy…

April 5

Big D! Happy Birthday to YOU! Darryl requested vegi sushi rolls for his birthday dinner and Angela and I made vegi sushi rolls!

Rome’s playgroup and Rome…

April 2

Rome’s playgroup and Rome and Angela’s 3nd Annual Easter Egg Extravaganza…lunch, egg coloring, dessert, Easter egg hunting. What a Party! What Fun! Lucky Me!

(grrr…I took this picture while Angela and Rome were putting Lilly down. Bad Granny…)

The participants included: Andrea-Sam and David; Charlean-Sydne and JoJo; Liza-Marquez and Paloma; Amy-Sydney and Charlotte; Angela-Rome and Lilly; Heidi-Sydney; Emily-Zoe and Zack; Ann-Claudia and Sarah. Regulars who are missing: Katie-Nora and Anya and Lila; Susie-Ellie and Brandon.

I’m off at dawn…

March 5

I’m off at dawn tomorrow for KAUAI! AH-LOOOOO-HA!!

Which means a break from my Boston Legal obsession. I’ve been going through them from Netflix. One after the other after the other after the other as fast as Netflix will send them. I’ve finished Season 2. And when I get back…I hope there will be episodes of Boston Legal waiting.

Let’s go to the…

March 4

Let’s go to the Beach! Sandy’s down from SF for some visiting in LA and a grand time was had by all.

Sandy, Nancy

Big Birthday party tonight!…

March 1

Big Birthday party tonight! Happy Birthday Alicia! Happy Birthday Ljubica! Happy Birthday Marija!

Me, Ljubica, Alicia, Marsha, Becky, Marija, Lourdes, Maxine, Maryanne. (see Ann…we missed you!)

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