’08 Feb: Ken ‘N Pen ‘R SIXTY

Sixty? SIXTY! Have a look.

SIXTY! And now…

February 16

SIXTY! And now truth needs to be told…I was 60 in June 2007 and Ken was 60 in January 2008 and we just got around to having this party that we have been talking about for a year. Hey, we’re SIXTY. What’s a few months?

The Program: Electric Slide, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Hustle, the big closer-YMCA, and plenty in between. And all that food…it was pretty good, once it showed up. We also had a really handsome no-host buy-your-own bar.

Extra thanks go out to Bill Roberts and to Darryl, Angela, and Cynthia Kanouse for the photos that follow.

A couple’a Great dancers…

A couple’a Great dancers – and that would be Linda and Kenny. Linda is my dancing Queen and Kenny is SO Good and SO much fun to dance with. And then there’s me and Carl and we are having Excellent fun.

Just goes to show, Excellent fun is available to all dancers!

In the background: Gary, Charlene, Arlene, Terry, Bill, Marija, Sandy.

Steve, Celina, Ruth, Ann,…

Steve, Celina, Ruth, Ann, Marsha, Maxine, Jeff, Richard, Daniel, Richard, Emilia, Becky, me, Bonnie, Althea, Burt, Sharon, Ken, Lynn, Pam, Lourdes, Maria, Charlene, Elsa.

Oh yea, Let’s Dance!

Merlyn, Hilda. Hilda…

Merlyn, Hilda. Hilda is a champion middle-eastern dancer and I was really hoping you’d get a chance to enjoy her style but she was Sick. Bummer! Thanks for coming out anyway!!

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