’23 May

Catching Up Some Before The Ranch

Ann and Bill went with their Argentine Tango group to .. wait for it .. Argentina! They danced every dance and stayed up past 2am.

We Are Impressed!


From Iceland, two of my friend Guðbjörg’s grandchildren. The one in white just had her confirmation.

Jo Ann and Alan, photo taken by a stranger, lookin’ good.

I don’t always take note of meals with friends when I forget a picture, so then, when did we see each other last? I forget!

I have a whole other set of pictures in the back that I’ll put in when I get back, probably in late June!

Windy and her friends. How much FUN I ask you?!

At Ann’s And HBD Marsha And Maxine

The rain brought Ann’s garden into full flower. She’s also got a farm out in her back yard. Figs! So many grapefruits, lemons, and limes. Papaya, apples, what else, I can’t think of it all right now.

Esa-Pekka And The LA Phil

Lona had never heard the LA Philharmonic and had never seen a performance at the Disney Concert Hall so we, Windy and I, treated her to both and everyone agreed it was FanTAStic. Marsha and I previously had chosen this concert and she was with us.


After 3 playoffs on Saturday, Lilly’s team, Team Redondo Red, went to the finals on Sunday, and WON! WOWEeeee!!

(That’s Lilly, in the middle with crossed legs.)

A Special Lunch and Friends At The Mall

Lilly and I had a yummy outing at Din Tai Fung where Lilly ordered the menu (vegan dumplings, fried rice, peanut noodles, broccoli and garlic) and ate all of it including the peanut noodles that were a little too spicy and the fried rice that had mushrooms in it. It was fun!

Lilly’s friends were there too. They shopped until the very last minute and I had a good time too, visiting with Coco’s mom.

Make Me Stop

Midjourney AI. Yikes!

The prompt for all these AI creations was “a small pig with large wings flying over a detailed world globe in the style of …” Picasso, Bosch, Warhol, Op-Art, Matisse, Chagall, etc. etc.

Too Much Fun


Happy Mother’s Day YAY

Cynthia sent these flowers above and this feast below! My Favorite Soups from Fromin’s – Sweet and Sour Cabbage, and Barley Mushroom. And check out those custard eclairs. OMG! I ate this for Days!!


Liz and Gary came to DAR&L’s for a yummy brunch and brought these flowers. Nice!

Flowers from Angela’s garden.

and below, another one of my favorites, Lemon-Olive Oil Cake!

Alex And Carol And A Walk In The Woods

I’m going to need A&C to help me with these names, of the people, and of what A&C call The Big Boat. I’ll come back!

This is Red Sky, the new boat that is a dream to live aboard.

And this is the old boat, Nepenthe, that took Alex and Carol on a 10 year sailing adventure.

Let’s Go

I went with Lilly a little early to her Lacrosse practice so we could take some pictures and it was FUN!


I was way up on the hill when they all kicked off for their warm-up laps.

Earlier in the day Rome and Leo and I went to lunch. It was a new place for us and the server brought us first an appetizer and then an extra dessert “for you for Mother’s Day”. It was sweet!

And then we went to the cool little bookstore with the cat who has its own instagram account.

Darryl’s New Project

Click the link to Darryl’s New Project and read all about it!

I should also add that Darryl created the logo above with Midjourney AI which I’ve been playing with and it’s another amazing toy.

An Outing With Susie

We enjoyed a breezy lunch at Claire’s, the Ladies Who Lunch restaurant at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Then we took a wander through the museum and a stroll along the bluffs. What a nice day!

What Rome’s Been Up To

Rome and Leo at PROM. They both have one more year of high school btw. D&A took the pictures.

What Lilly’s Been Up To

From Thursday, I wish I had a picture of the school show, High School Musical, where Lilly was Stage Manager, in charge of all the stage crew, the cues, who does what, so many awkward props on and off in silence. It was the first of these shows I’ve seen where the stage crew got the final bow at the curtain call. I wasn’t prepared! They were indeed awesome.

From Sunday, during the same period Lilly was working on a show in the Family Theater she has been with for ages. She was LeFou in a production of Beauty and the Beast and she was fantastic. I have a lot of pictures from that show. Both shows were doing daily rehearsals for the last week and Lilly kept up during such a demanding schedule.

Not to mention actual school and school activities and team lacrosse. Yikes!

Beauty and the Beast above, and the curtain call below.

Lilly had the best comedy part in the show and got a roar of approval from the crowd.

It’s The King Charles (Spaniel)

The internet is littered with images like this one.

I’m watching the show from sooo e.a.r.l.y. because, apparently, I’m a sucker for The Royals?

The Commonwealth still represents many countries, most of them quite small and all of them colonized by the British.

Good Thing Cecilia Was Here

That’s a hummingbird buzzing around smacking himself hard against the very high walls of the skylight well in the bathroom. The skylight has a screen and even with the long mop I couldn’t reach him considering especially that I don’t stand on ladders.

Cecilia to the rescue!

She scooted the hummingbird down the wall and got him With Her Hand. She carried him to the back door and he flew away.

Cecilia, our very own Disney Princess!

We’ll Miss You Anna

After a lovely year Anna is moving on from studio B so I took her and Olivia out for a Bon Voyage at Socalo. When you make a reservation there they calligraphy your name!

A Walk And A Bagel Brunch

Muriel and I walked down at Palisades Park and then came home to enjoy a bagel brunch out in the back and for that reason here are a few pictures from the backyard. It’s nice there too.

We ate at the table in the middle of the lawn and I failed to take its picture but you can see a bit of the umbrella and the top of one of the chairs in the picture above.

I am very lame in the staging department, obviously, just look at that tablecloth, but this is only a diary for me to remember this crazy wet spring.

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