After 3 playoffs on Saturday, Lilly’s team, Team Redondo Red, went to the finals on Sunday, and WON! WOWEeeee!!

(That’s Lilly, in the middle with crossed legs.)

Cynthia and Rome got…

Cynthia and Rome got their hair done. We did a little more of this and that, and then went down to the venue.


We did a hair…

We did a hair style and make-up preview today and we’ve got to say, Lookin’ Good!



Following are Kent’s table shots. Missing are the tables of Mike’s relatives, his band mates, and his pals from work. Maybe I’ll be able to put them in later from someone else.


Welcome Aboard, where the…

Welcome Aboard, where the wedding party gets ready and the staff is preparing for the reception and cruise.

And now I, Mother-Of-The-Bride, hand over the camera to my most excellent Angela.

Yes to all my…

Yes to all my dear friends who helped me go shopping. Where, you ask, is my gorgeous perfect and totally comfortable brand new never worn Eileen Fisher blouse?!

I forGOT it back at C&M’s house and there was no time for the 90 minute round-trip return journey. I just Happened to have this top in the car. So bummer that I forgot my gorgeous blouse and lucky-dog-me for this ‘at-least-I-didn’t-have-to-wear-a-tee-shirt’ top.

Leaving The Ranch Bob…

May 29

Leaving The Ranch Bob and Desda dropped me off at the SF Airport where I spent the night waiting for the morning flight to Minneapolis.

Roger and Sandy met me for dinner and it so great to see them. Thank you for coming out!

We had some fun…

May 31

We had some fun this morning throwing ‘spinners’, a part of the cone from the surrounding trees, off the balcony and watching them catch the breeze and spin their way to the ground.

I did a few…

I did a few chores today, a bit of this and that at one point finding myself in the Hmong part of town where I got a Vietnamese sandwich at this place with a nice view of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Lona, Hartley, Charis, and…

Lona, Hartley, Charis, and Windy are staying at this handsome B&B in a town on Lake Minnetonka.

They are having a great time and I’m very glad for that until Charis came down with a terrible puking illness and they took her to Urgent Care. She’s ok, probably just a nasty stomach bug.

Images from Cynthia and…

May 30

Images from Cynthia and Mike’s wedding website – the title reads: Midwest Guy meets West Coast Girl. (And they lived happily ever after!)

Are you retired, watching…

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