What Lilly’s Been Up To

From Thursday, I wish I had a picture of the school show, High School Musical, where Lilly was Stage Manager, in charge of all the stage crew, the cues, who does what, so many awkward props on and off in silence. It was the first of these shows I’ve seen where the stage crew got the final bow at the curtain call. I wasn’t prepared! They were indeed awesome.

From Sunday, during the same period Lilly was working on a show in the Family Theater she has been with for ages. She was LeFou in a production of Beauty and the Beast and she was fantastic. I have a lot of pictures from that show. Both shows were doing daily rehearsals for the last week and Lilly kept up during such a demanding schedule.

Not to mention actual school and school activities and team lacrosse. Yikes!

Beauty and the Beast above, and the curtain call below.

Lilly had the best comedy part in the show and got a roar of approval from the crowd.

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