’13 April

Spring has arrived in all her glory.

For my Bon Voyage,…

April 22

For my Bon Voyage, Petr Gandaloviè, the Czech ambassador to the US had to make some clarifications to the American Twitter-verse and wrote on the embassy’s website:

“…I am concerned to note in the social media a most unfortunate misunderstanding in this respect. The Czech Republic and Chechnya are two very different entities – the Czech Republic is a Central European country; Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation.”

Here, let me google that for you.

Happy Birthday Steven! …

April 21

Happy Birthday Steven! It’s your Medicare year. YAY.

I also went to the Proust readers group in the morning and had a Bon Voyage beverage with Sharon in the evening. And I leave tomorrow! My to-do list is down to half a page.

…walking with Marsha (who…

…walking with Marsha (who spent 2 hours on the 405 to come over the hill).

Also Windy came with me for errands, Nancy came over for dinner, I went to the doctor, I’ve been working down The List for my trip. Just life.

Due to one thing…

April 17

Due to one thing and another I’m a few days behind in pictures .. more coming though.

Ken, me, Bill

My old house on…

April 15

My old house on Donmetz, another color and different landscaping, but still recognizable.

I was over at Louise’s because she wanted all her friends to take a souvenir before she sells her house next door and moves to an assisted living near her daughter. Then I’ll have no reason to drive down Donmetz again. Good Bye Donmetz, you look good!

Sharon, Nancy, and I…

Sharon, Nancy, and I went to Descanso Garden to admire all the bloomage and blooms there were.

So many!…

So many!

The most amazing part was the trees, so many trees entirely covered with blooms of which, unfortunately, I didn’t get any good shots.

An entire bridal party…

An entire bridal party spent two hours here taking pictures. But no ‘adults’, just the young ones so we were thinking maybe it was for an ad or something professional.

Thanks to Ken and…

Thanks to Ken and Susie I got to see David Mamet’s American Buffalo at the Geffen. What a treat!

…from around the yard….

…from around the yard.

I promised myself I was going to do yard work today but all I did when I went outside was take a few pictures. I surely do hope I keep my promises to other people better than I keep my promises to myself.

Another crazy big day…

April 11

Another crazy big day of EATing. Like a craaaazy woman. Celina-Food (and that says it all) for breakfast. Lunch with Ann. Dinner with Bill. All delicious.

I gave Bill my leftover kwacha to send to Mindy. That fist full of kwacha wasn’t worth twenty bucks but in Zambia you can buy some tasty treats for twenty bucks.

For our beach-walk-lunch today…

April 10

For our beach-walk-lunch today we went to Marisol at the end of the pier. The fish soup which I always get – it’s gone. They have a new menu. Oh why do things have to change?

Then I met Ken…

Then I met Ken in Hollywood at the W Hotel. We were set for happy hour hopping and then to see West Side Story at the Pantages across the street with half-price tickets from Goldstar.

Check out the Metro stop. Cool.

For today’s walk we…

April 9

For today’s walk we ended up at an Indian restaurant. Lilly really Really liked her mango lassi. And then on the way home I noticed…

…and amazing at the…

…and amazing at the stars. You can’t see them here because it isn’t dark yet but when darkness came we could see many even down to the sword on Orion’s belt and Google Sky revealed the details of everything in view including the glowing orb of Jupiter.

Here’s what we looked…

Here’s what we looked like when we set-up. The picnic table and fire pit were on the other side of the van.

And then, just as was predicted by the weather report but which I thought must be the computer reporting the wrong location, Gale Force Winds. Our tent was unable to protect us in the face of Gale Force Winds.

But we hung in there until morning, threw everything in the back of Lona and Hartley’s mini-van and headed out to a restaurant for a warm, clean, and wind-free breakfast.

It was nature. It was fun. It’s a story.

Sharon, Windy, and I…

April 6

Sharon, Windy, and I went walking at the Pepperdine track today and then for a total change of pace we ate lunch at Inn of the Seventh Ray up in Topanga Canyon. Good and good for you.

My ex-next-door-neighbor Louise hosted…

My ex-next-door-neighbor Louise hosted a dinner in celebration of her Eighty First birthday. That handsome pure skinned woman is Eighty One.

Louise took the opportunity of this event to tell everyone that she is going to be leaving Donmetz and moving to Palmdale, to an assisted living place and to be near her daughter. I’m happy for her because she is feeling good, looking well, and making this decision because she wants to and not because she has to. And because her daughter told her there were men there. Yay Louise!

Lucy, Ljubica, me, Cheryl, Marija, Grace, Lynda, Louise

It’s Darryl’s birthday and…

April 5

It’s Darryl’s birthday and look what Angela and the girls made for him .. A Raisin Robot Band! I love it.

I went by in the evening to enjoy the Laker game together. The Lakers managed to hang on by their fingernails, to squeak by at the bell, to pull the iron out of the fire and win by one point. Go Lakers.


Susie and Windy and…

April 3

Susie and Windy and I went for a great walk in a huge park, a place in the center of our town and that none of us had ever visited. Wow!

The area is called Ernest E. Debs Regional Park. It was great! Here we are taking a break after some serious up up up. The guy was sweet and helpful and we kept running into him so here’s his picture, offering to share his peanuts.

Here’s a map I…

Here’s a map I snagged off the internet. We walked for a couple of hours and covered maybe 1/8 of the trails.

Near where we parked…

Near where we parked at Hermon Park we could see the Arroyo Seco, a branch of the LA River. See that path down there – we’ll have to walk on it one day.

What a nice day…

April 2

What a nice day with the girls. Both! my sisters came by, first one then the other, and we had nothing but fun.

Finley, Avery, Rome, Lilly, and the doll from Lona.

No joke, I had…

April 1

No joke, I had a growth on my forehead three times the size of this guy’s. ICKY! and it HURT.

So I went with Windy, who watched over me, to Urgent Care and had the thing poked with a fork. Thursday I’ll see the dermatologist and hope to get the whole thing o.u.t.

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