’05 September AK (after Rome)

You’re in here…

Susie and Ken put…

September 25

Susie and Ken put on a real Dinner Party tonight. What a treat! Ben and Bonnie came as well as Ken’s sister Cynthia, and David too, happy possessor of a faaabulous new editor/writer job. Check him out!

I’m fermenting plans for a trip to South East Asia. I need to do something like this so I can have another whack at a travelog and so I can continue to put off the looming and unwelcome Car Decision. Thank you L&H for the fall-back-Ford without which it would be much more unpleasant, this thing about putting off buying a car!

Our reflection in paradise….

September 29

Our reflection in paradise.

Much to the woe of Bob and Carol they have to move their office. All they really want is another one just exactly like the one they have – the problem being that the one they have is destined-for-the-wreaking-ball any day now and it would be better if they could get their stuff out first.


(Bob and Carol Ginsburg)

Sandy took this picture…

Sandy took this picture of her mom Harriet, La Princessa, a week or so ago and soon after, Harriet passed. On Wednesday Sandy and her family made a touching and loving memorial service and reception in her honor.

One of Sandy’s sisters described their mother as the hub of the wheel of the family and all the adoring words brought life to this image. We should all be so well loved.


Yup, I’ll be drivin’…

Yup, I’ll be drivin’ this baby for a couple of weeks. That Bill, what a guy. He’s vacationing in Europe and I’m driving his Chrysler Convertible Car!

Don’t look Bill. So I’ve been driving everyone around all day for the last two days. Do we need-ta go somewhere? I’ll drive. Even my mother was kickin’ it on the way to the doctor’s office.

And could the weather be more perfect for a Convertible Car? Nope.


Here’s Mom going through…

Here’s Mom going through the slide show of her seventh GreatGrandBaby, Rome!

It was very very cool. Even Lona noticed. She really saw Rome and at the same time she could remember all of her other great-grandchildren which has not always been the case recently.

She was in top shape (must have been the ride in the Convertible Car) and did pronounce that Rome was indeed one marvelous child.

Lona’s got a nice awww thing going too. Good Granty Lo.

(my Mother)

Too bad that I…

September 26

Too bad that I ran into this picture facing in the wrong direction. This is an interesting phenomenon of perspective and not just because of my enormous head which I shrunk with photoshop. The tall ones who always like to lord it over us, the short ones, well they don’t look so dang tall now, do they!?

(Hey back off tall ones – I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s because of the camera angle and because we were standing in a V shape with the short ones in front, so settle down will ya.)

OK ladies, Baby Pictures follow. Let’s hear some ooowing and awwwing.

(Monday Nighters)

Rome with a little…

Rome with a little toy bug from BenBonnie. (Darryl and/or Cynthia used to call both of them by the same name, BenBonnie. Do you think the kids are sick yet of hearing me tell that story?)

So regular life does…

September 23

So regular life does go on but there’s that twinkly little difference since now I’m a GRANNY. Maybe I’ll have an on-going chapter of just Rome pictures… I’m not sure how to organize this yet… But oh baby oh baby plenty of pictures will be forthcoming!

Me and Bill and Ken, out for our monthly night on the town meaning we have happy hour cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and some dinner and then go home. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a lovely night on the town.

A Japanese-connection lunch. …

A Japanese-connection lunch. We ate at a pan-asian place in Culver City. We all brought pictures of our trips to Japan and encouraged Sharon in her future status as mother-in-law to a lovely Japanese girl. We had fun.

After a clean-up and…

After a clean-up and a weigh-in Rome stayed for an hour or so under the lights to get all nice and toasty warm.

The whole time she was stretching away. It’s so cool how you could see her trying to test out each and every single muscle. It was mesmerizing. You could put a thing like that on tv and no one would turn away.

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