’09 August

Home for the month…or so it seems at the moment.

Awww, Bill. He’s…

August 31

Awww, Bill. He’s got so much on his mind he put the money in the wrong meter. Ticket cost: Fifty Bucks. Bum-mmer Dude!

Dinner was nice though, and we had a good visit…

Bob and Desda are…

August 30

Bob and Desda are down from Marin for some socializing and mostly to visit Bob’s mom, soon to be 90 years old. Ninty. We should all be so hale and handsome and together. We can aspire!

In the evening I…

In the evening I met Steve and Celina and Gideon for Gideon’s choice of a birthday meal…at the sushi bar!

Darryl and Cynthia both would choose sushi for their birthday meal too. It was great fun, and then I got a beautiful honkin’ jar of Celina’s legendary homemade fig jam. YUM.

My Monday Nighters on…

August 27

My Monday Nighters on Thursday night to enjoy a delightful and might I add surprisngly beyond our expectationsly delicious dinner followed by a performance of A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream at the Theatricum Botanicum. I had a Wonderful time!

(Marsha wasn’t here yet and Maxine couldn’t come buy Windy my little sister could.)

The Forest Fairies were…

The Forest Fairies were flittig around during dinner.

Very fun. I can’t find a picture of the actual theater even on the internet to steal…next time I must remember!

This is a photo…

August 26

This is a photo of Carl and Lynn at the Iguazu Falls, this magnificent series of waterfalls that lie on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Last night I enjoyed a lovely evening’s entertainment with a slide show and commentary of their latest adventure through Chile and Argentina. That Iguazu is a-may-zing. If I ever find myself down there again I’d go very far out of my way to see the Iguazu Falls.

(the guide)

What’s in that vial…

August 25

What’s in that vial is magic that is going to save the world. That is exactly what Rome told me. That this was the magic to save the world. Excellent!

I was in the…

August 23

I was in the mood for some photos today and what better than to have a walk down to the beach?! A nice summer weekend at the pier.

Everyone else seemed to think it was a mighty good idea too.

Hi y’all! It’s…

August 22

Hi y’all! It’s the Black family in Texas. I guess Travis took this picture…I copied it off Lainee’s facebook site. I haven’t even met the littlest one yet. Little Jack Black. One of these days soon I reeeally hope they’ll make it out here, or I there.


Rome was a little…

August 21

Rome was a little under the weather today so although we had a good time anyway I didn’t do any photos, and it seems I’m still distracted by my new website of travels (Thanks D!) and I’m just not keeping up with photos from Daily Life.

So here’s an oldie that Cynthia put on her facebook page. Excellent! It’s her ‘Self-Portrait with San Fernando Valley’ from around 1999. I reeeally like this picture!


You won’t be sorry…

August 19

You won’t be sorry if you read this book written in 1995 by a young man just out of law school, first black president of the Harvard Law Review, who could not be thinking that he would be president of America. No way. Remember when Bill Clinton had to avow that he never inhaled? Not here…Here he is, he thinks, he reads, he speaks carefully, and he listens attentively.

How did he get to be president again?

This is about the…

August 18

This is about the fifth time I got to have a bon voyage festivity with Nancy. As I write this on the 19th she is settling in with her daughter in NYNY!

Before the party I…

Before the party I dropped my car off in hopes of getting the a/c fixed. I’ve been driving around for a year with no a/c, when leaving Santa Monica it’s like driving in a third world country I repeat.

So I’m back on the bus! And remembering how pretty dang easy it is. It’s almost impossible to get a decent shot of this arch from the ground and one of these days I’ll be on the bus at a good time.

It’s just too easy….

August 14

It’s just too easy. I’ve been watching this entire series on my computer one right after the other in every spare moment.

On netflix you have to rent the first one and then all the others are on ‘watch immediate’. Wow. I’ll be first in line when 56 Up comes out which I think should be along shortly.

Now I want to do a photo project of pictures of myself, one per year. I could be doing that instead of spending 20+ hours watching tv.

We went for a…

We went for a walk first to see the sunflowers and then, since we were so close, why not continue on to the water fountains? So we Did and met Kayla also playing around at the fountains.

Rome, who had never met Kayla before, took complete charge of her, just like the big sister she is about to become!

Then we celebrated Bill’s…

Then we celebrated Bill’s Birthday at the historic and meaty Sherman Room on Sherman Way, in Van Nuys eventhough it Should be in Sherman Oaks.

Yes my eyes are completely closed and yes I can’t do that ‘am I not so cute?’ thing At All. But the boys look great.

It was a lot…

It was a lot of fun and then after SWS played Darryl played again, this time with Melic Sub Rosa.

MSR wasn’t going to start until after 11 and, you know, it’s not that I’m reeeally too old to stay up past 11, but, you know…

Look who’s home! …

August 7

Look who’s home! Jonathon from Israel and Michael from Berkeley. Michael agreed to this photo because he loves his mother.

I visited Jonathon in Korea a few years ago and now I am hoping to be able to visit him in Israel. Now there’s a reason to go.

I went to lunch…

August 6

I went to lunch with Boban today. He was very very happy because I picked a normal place with normal food. I’d never been here before and as it turns out, it was FAB…a great place with great food.

You just can’t find it without trying very hard. It’s called Nook Bistro and you can look it up.

The Fam! We…

The Fam! We have a deal, Boban and I, I won’t take his picture if he’ll send me a picture of the fam, and here they are!

Boban, MaryJo, Jordan, and Cheyenne, all Dragojlovic. Makes ‘Kanouse’ look easy don’t you think.

Marija took me out…

August 5

Marija took me out to eat today in appreciation of some rides and maybe a hand here and there…

…to The Odyssey!…

…to The Odyssey!

What a lovely time we had eating at the buffet for a Few HOURS. Thank you Marija!

OK folks, is this…

OK folks, is this not icanhascheezburger.com or WHAT?! Copy-Paste and Caption away!

Credit Cynthia Kanouse – it’s the cat she has been trying to find a home for…for a few weeks now…but oowww, that cat is Dangerously cute!


Rome’s little sister will…

August 4

Rome’s little sister will be here in less than 6 weeks. Wow. Can you even imagine. Another such marvelous child in the world?!

Rome always wants to…

Rome always wants to visit April across the courtyard. Rome’s ALways wanting to go over there. We try to keep it down to once a day.

This time we weren’t going to knock on the door because we knew April was gone, we were just going to take a picture of their new tree.

But then John opened the door and we got to take a picture of their dogs!

Here’s a shot of…

Here’s a shot of one of the motels on Washington Blvd. I was oddly taken with the trim that matches the coke machine.

Then we stopped off at the Indian Market to get some dinner to bring home to eat with Roger. Cheers!

A Baby Sprinkle for…

August 1

A Baby Sprinkle for Angela, a Ladies Tea Party at the Tudor House, and a grand time was had by all!

First we had tea…

First we had tea and sandwich towers, then Angela opened her fabulous gifts, and then we had more tea and Sprinkle’s Cupcakes. Liz brought the decorations and Angela made the parting gift boxes. Too much Fun!

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