’11 April

I’m here through D’s birthday on the 5th, then, ALOHA!

It’s 6:30 in the…

April 6

It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m packin’ my bag. .Next pictures – Kauai, Hawaii! ALOHA!!

A picture from my…

April 4

A picture from my Supreme Court visit in November 2010. The ruling on one of the cases for which I saw oral arguments came in today.

Guess what: I didn’t like the outcome, really really don’t like the outcome. From the NPR story “A deeply divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that taxpayers have no legal right to challenge a tax break worth millions to donors supporting private religious schools. The 5-4 decision left intact an Arizona tax subsidy that was enacted because the state constitution forbids direct aid to religious schools.

“… Justice Elena Kagan, in a blistering dissent — her first dissent since joining the court — said Monday’s decision “devastates” the ability of taxpayers to challenge government actions that favor religion.

“In reality, she said, there is no difference between a tax credit and a direct appropriation. “What is a cash grant today can be a tax break tomorrow,” and the court’s decision, she charged, “offers a road map — more truly, just a one-step instruction — to any government that wishes to insulate its financing of religious activity from legal challenge.””

You can read more about it on the All Things Considered site for today’s broadcast.

Happy Birthday DARRYL! …

April 5

Happy Birthday DARRYL! Lilly didn’t make it through the party as it was late and she needed to Sleep. But still, we had a totally lovely time.

Angela put this all together including the hats which of course you need to have Hats, it’s a Party!

And multiple cakes and…

And multiple cakes and forty-two candles which Darryl blew out in one breath so his wish will come true!

I set the alarm…

November 3

I set the alarm and rose with the dawn to reach the Supreme Court in time to get a seat to hear oral arguments. Yes! I sat at the Supreme Court for two hours.

But first I had to stand out in the FA-REEeezing cold from 8:20 until 9:50. One hour and thirty minutes. Fortunately I didn’t make friends with anyone in line so I wasn’t tempted to verbalize the tale of my discomfort. And once in I forgot all about it and let myself be taken over by the experience.

Happy Birthday Big D…

April 3

Happy Birthday Big D (on Tuesday actually)! We gathered at the Hammer Museum for a hit of culture and then enjoyed a lovely lunch at a vegetarian place where Darryl could order anything on the menu.

Muriel and I went…

April 1

Muriel and I went up to Pepperdine today to walk some laps on their gorgeous fantastic track, have a moment in their chapel, eat a yummy and entertaining lunch at the Student Union…

…and visit the on-campus…

…and visit the on-campus Weisman Museum of Art. Yet another Weisman! That guy, and his foundation gets around.

The truly fabulous Weisman House Tour.

The Frank Gerhy designed Weisman at the University of Minnesota.

There are also large collections donated to various municipal institutions. Always worth a look.

It’s free to visit…

It’s free to visit – this guy was the attendant and played classical guitar beautifully during our entire visit. It was a joy.

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