’22 October

One More Step To Home

Flying over Amsterdam it was interesting to see all the windmills. We expect windmills but there were more than I expected. moreMore. And oh my goodness the Amsterdam Airport. Yikes. These were the longest lines I had ever experienced in an airport. It wasn’t Quite as frustrating as others though, because up until the last 10-15 minutes they had one longLong switch-backed line that shuffled along. At the end the one line broke into several lines and then you (me), of course, will get in the worst line.

As of Saturday I’ve been home for 4-5 days, slept off and on, did a little of this and that, saw a few people briefly, Cecilia came to clean the house, and I just had a normal night’s sleep, so YAY!

Check In On The Front Garden

I wanted to replace the two 3/4 dead white roses and I went with 3 different lavender plants. When I got home only one of them was in good shape and the other two were, again, like it’s my fate, 3/4 dead. So, more alive than dead, which is good?


The left is from before my trip and the fruit on the right is when I got back. That red persimmon was Done.

Before my trip, time for a serious haircut.

The gardeners cut the Santa Barbara daisies down to the nubs on the week I left and here they are now.

The Meyer Lemons before and after. It’s losing leaves but the fruit is hanging on.

The leaf miners and rust and whatever all that is, is back but the tree itself, the kumquat tree, is producing a bumper crop of kumquats so yay for that.

A reminder about The List. It had been on my list for YEARS to get rid of the old paint. All I had to do was call the city, then contact their recycle service provider, Clean Earth, then put out the stuff, and it was gone! I probably spent more time moving this chore from list to list than it took to just DO it.

I’m Back To Mondays

I’m back to Monday lunch in the valley. Becky hosted this week, thanks Becky. Ann couldn’t make it though because she was recovering from bunion surgery. Ann bemoaned missing Becky’s dessert with the gang so I took the opportunity to stop by with a box of donuts!

Surf The Clouds

Surf the clouds.

The Rose Garden in Palisades Park.

And the pier, always the pier is in view.


Done. Off the To-Do list. Ready for the mail!

A Gift

Disney Concert Hall .. LA Philharmonic Orchestra .. Gustavo Dudamel


Dudamel Conducts Copland and Márquez
Pan-American Music Initiative
Gabriela ORTIZKauyumari
Arturo MÁRQUEZFandango
COPLAND — Symphony No. 3
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Gustavo Dudamel, conductor
Anne Akiko Meyers, violin

Not the kid he once was but as wonderful as ever. We loved every note.

I and Marsha have tickets for two more performances. Lucky Dog Me!

Hangin’ With My Sister

Late lunch and a lovely visit, thank you sister!

Lona took the picture on the wall from right where we are sittling, looking out her living room windows. It looks just like that so often!

That’s Right

Here we are, me and Susie, now both Seventy-Five Years Old. Happy Birthday Susie!

Here’s a bit of the trail we enjoyed in Palos Verdes followed by lunch and a stroll around town.


Two Excellent Shows At The Hammer

The Hammer Museum has two shows on right now that I particularly enjoyed.


“Joan Didion: What She Means is an exhibition as portrait, a narration of the life of one artist by another. Organized by .. Hilton Als.” The exhibition includes works from about 50 artists, on until mid-February.

You can see a small quote from one of Joan Didion’s works in the center of the photo above. The quote is from a story she wrote about when she left New York and came back to California. On the right are paintings that reflect life in New York and on the left are photographs from California. All the walls have this form, with a quote and selected art works, not all of the relationships quite as obvious as this one.

I went with Nancy and we both enjoyed it very much.

A view from the courtyard.


There is also an exhibition of Picasso’s ‘Cut Papers’. I think they are wonderful! What a prolific guy. During my last trip I saw big Picasso shows in two different cities.

Minecraft (Or The Other One)

Lilly and Rome, and Rome’s friend Link is on the screen.

Where Rome and I had lunch. Not particularly delicious, but busy busy and so LA.

A&C and Red Sky

Alex and Carol are leaving in a week or two with Paul and Karyn on P&K’s boat for a couple months sailing to Mexico. Paul and Karyn quit their jobs, sold up, and fitted their boat for an open-ended sail for as long as it’s fun. Alex and Carol are going to offer encouragement and experience as P&K begin their adventure. You go guys!

Michi Visits Santa Barbara

We met SB Nancy for lunch, walked a lot, and had a generally wonderful visit.

Santa Barbara, still gorgeous.

Michi is staying with her friend Teddy. currently undergoing cancer treatment and when you’re unwell there’s nothing like a purring cat to make the world a more peaceful place.

Van Raiaburg Manor

Kelly and Kris bought a house together and it’s Great!

Here are a just a few random pictures.


Oh Maxine

Lubica, Marsha, Alicia, Marija, Ann, Maxine, Becky, me


Ah A Good Day

There’s a long street full of these murals off PCH where Rome and I walked today after lunch.



And then it was time for Rome’s haircut. This is a before. I forgot to get an after of the very cool result!

Then I went with Lilly to a Haunted House at the high school that was a Ton of fun.

Bill’s First Time

For Bill’s first time at the Getty Center, we went on the last day of the Cy Twombly exhibit and although I’m not such a big fan I’m still really glad to have seen it. Above is a photo of Twombly with statues in front of the photo to give a cool 3-d effect.

Gotta love the garden..

..and the views of course. And everything else that is the joy of the Getty Center. Mostly we just strolled around, ate a nice meal at The Restaurant, and generally had a delightful time.


Cheryl didn’t come to LA this time and since I didn’t get a picture of Bill while he was here, I snagged this off their facebook.

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