Two Excellent Shows At The Hammer

The Hammer Museum has two shows on right now that I particularly enjoyed.


“Joan Didion: What She Means is an exhibition as portrait, a narration of the life of one artist by another. Organized by .. Hilton Als.” The exhibition includes works from about 50 artists, on until mid-February.

You can see a small quote from one of Joan Didion’s works in the center of the photo above. The quote is from a story she wrote about when she left New York and came back to California. On the right are paintings that reflect life in New York and on the left are photographs from California. All the walls have this form, with a quote and selected art works, not all of the relationships quite as obvious as this one.

I went with Nancy and we both enjoyed it very much.

A view from the courtyard.


There is also an exhibition of Picasso’s ‘Cut Papers’. I think they are wonderful! What a prolific guy. During my last trip I saw big Picasso shows in two different cities.

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