Check In On The Front Garden

I wanted to replace the two 3/4 dead white roses and I went with 3 different lavender plants. When I got home only one of them was in good shape and the other two were, again, like it’s my fate, 3/4 dead. So, more alive than dead, which is good?


The left is from before my trip and the fruit on the right is when I got back. That red persimmon was Done.

Before my trip, time for a serious haircut.

The gardeners cut the Santa Barbara daisies down to the nubs on the week I left and here they are now.

The Meyer Lemons before and after. It’s losing leaves but the fruit is hanging on.

The leaf miners and rust and whatever all that is, is back but the tree itself, the kumquat tree, is producing a bumper crop of kumquats so yay for that.

A reminder about The List. It had been on my list for YEARS to get rid of the old paint. All I had to do was call the city, then contact their recycle service provider, Clean Earth, then put out the stuff, and it was gone! I probably spent more time moving this chore from list to list than it took to just DO it.
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