’05 September BK (before Rome)

Pink! For our sweet baby girl. Windy’s BDay at Will Rogers, scenes around town, B&C and the grandboys and More.

I had a nice…

September 18

I had a nice walk and a yummy ‘fry-up’ at the Irish pub with nd today and lolled around the rest of the day reading. It is Sunday after all and just because I can loll around reading most any day it doesn’t seem quite so decadent today since it is in fact Sunday.

I also tried to smooth out a few of this month’s over-sharpened, over-saturated, nasty-loud pictures. I hope I can stand to look at them. Only 12 more days until I can start over!

Too bad about the…

September 17

Too bad about the focus and I didn’t even take this picture. My twitched-out-photo-vibes are even transfering to others!

First we had lunch in the yard under the grape arbor where we enjoyed eating lunch and reaching up for grape interludes. The grapes were extra tasty this year.

Then some walked, others drove, and we enjoyed dessert at Marmalade on Montana. My June birthday was particularaly late this year…

I am weighed down…

September 15

I am weighed down under the burden of a profound photo-drought. I’ve even gone out a few times Without My Camera. Something is wrong. Desperately wrong. But what’s a gal to do? Either get out of Dodge or find a palm tree and take its picture.

Happy Birthday Windy! …

September 10

Happy Birthday Windy! We did the traditional afternoon at Will Roger’s which includes: picnic, polo, hike and view. Often there is also included a tour of the Will Roger’s home but this year the museum and house are under refurbishments.

Then we went to Mom’s for cake and gifts. And a lovely day it was.

So dang cool, sitting…

So dang cool, sitting there on the slope while the horses and riders thunder by, sticks at the flail, shouts and whacks and steamy hard breathing.

Plenty of women played, particularly significant to me having just finished the book ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’.

It is a big deal that we challange those who hold a specific notion of a-woman’s-place… who says that They should know? I hope I remember to never ever underestimate the blinding compelling overwhelming need of fundamentalist-fanatics to boss me around.

And you know that God who is on our side/their side? The one they know so well? Who knows exactly how we should all behave in every single respect of our lives? He’s a mean scary guy.

Nancy and I went…

September 5

Nancy and I went to a beer tasting at Wally’s. What a hoot. The guy in the middle, the Owen Wilson look-a-like, was conducting the event.

Every Saturday afternoon they do a tasting for 10 bucks – mostly wine tastings and occasionally, like this week, something different. There’s a nice spread of cheese and treats, it’s casual and friendly and I’ll gladly go again.

Pity about the color in this photo. My !@#$% flash drives me Nuts!

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