’22 November


Sunday, on the way back from Steve and Celina’s I stopped off to go to the movies with Marsha. We saw She Said and it was very good. Then we went back to their house where Tom had our cocktails ready on the counter. We each have a different preference of glass and the shape of our ice. It was so charming, and for dinner we ate Tom’s annual turkey soup that was the best EVER.

I don’t take a picture every day, I often go days without taking a picture, but this has been an especially fun-filled Thanksgiving season.

Monday I had a yummy outing with Muriel and Jo Ann. Welcome home Muriel! Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage Jo Ann.

Tuesday I went to Ben and Bonnie’s. We were going to walk over to Farmer’s Market but it got cold and dark and we .. didn’t. Next time!

Wednesday I had some phone calls and otherwise did Nothing EXCEPT with these words I’m caught up!

So Sweet

Sam and Gideon

Every year for ages I’ve spent some part of Thanksgiving Weekend with Steve and Celina, often Gideon is around, and these days Gideon and his financée Sam come to enjoy Celina’s Thanksgiving leftovers feast too. It used to always be leftovers but these days Celina is cooking us fresh dishes too!

I didn’t take pictures of all the food, and this hors d’oeuvres plate wasn’t finished yet either. I slept over and got another gourmet treat for breakfast. Oh Celina!

Thanks you guys! Celina and Steve.


Rome and I went to the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park especially to see the Spider Pavilion before it closes and while we were at it we looked around the Museum itself, ate at the cafe there, and admired the Rose Garden.

The ceiling of the grand rotunda..

and the upper half of what stands in the center of the rotunda.

Everyone who went to elementary school in LA will recognize this place.


Another entirely recognizable part of the Natural History Museum although the displays are updated since my elementary school years oh so very very long ago.

Rome is a big fan of crystals so we enjoyed a stroll through the Gems and Minerals exhibit.

Welcome to the Spider Pavilion!

The mom and her spiderlings.


This guy was great. He talked about spiders non-stop for our entire 30 minute slot.

The museum also has a large garden of eatables. They ask you to please refrain…

The front of the historic building which is on The National Register of Historic Places.

City Wildlife.

Just one picture from the huge and impressive Rose Garden.

Time to go in the setting sun.

Gobble Gobble

Wow, what a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Darryl and Angela had two beautiful tables set up…

..the over-30s (Darryl, Angela, Liz, Gary, Windy, Jeff, Lona, Jennifer) and the under-30s + ME (Anya, Cali, me, Lilly, Rome, Christa).
Lucky me!

A Thanksgiving FEAST! Lilly made labels for everything with the name of the dish, the name of the cook, and if it was gluten free-vegetarian-vegan. We had it all and plenty for Everyone!

Vegetable salad, beet salad, and orange and fennel salad. Mac and Cheese. Green beans almandine, maple butternut squash, and baked Brussel sprouts. Mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and fried tofu. Sliced Honey Baked ham and turkey, and spiced crabapples. Cornbread stuffing in Delicata squash.


..our SEVEN desserts: Peanut Butter Mousse, Apple Crisp, Pumpkin and Apple Pies, Key Lime Squares, Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Darryl, Angela, Rome, Anya, Calli, Lil.

My thought was to get everyone to do a selfie but I obviously failed.

American Gothic by Christa and Rome.

We all wrote up our thankfulness message to deposit in the thankfulness chest that has entries back to at least 2010. It’s so fun to look at the old ones and hear the new ones too.
Darryl, Jennifer, Gary, Christa, Lona, Liz, Jeff, Windy, Anya, Cali, Lilly, Angela, Rome, Oliver.

And then we entertained each other! Lona wanted Angela and Christa to stand on their heads, which they did beautifully. And we all took a turn with the hula hoop…

It was a beautiful time full of Thanksgiving and THANKS to be together.

The Day Before And

For the day before Thanksgiving and the day of, and the day after and the day after that and the day after that, I do have some cute pictures but no time yet to choose them. I see a little free time coming up on Monday…

We Celebrated Windy’s Birthday Today

Happy Birthday Dear Sister, only two months and 10 days late but we all got to be there and have the delightful activity of Windy’s choice. We saw 9 to 5 put on by the Kentwood Players at the Westchester Playhouse. It’s a definite Community Theater production but since they have access to all the out-of-work Hollywood actors, the programs are very well done.

Happy Birthday Sister! Lona, Windy, me.

LACMA: Objects of Desire

Jo Ann is part of this show, and a shining star I might add.

I went with Nancy and we had a great time. Nancy is a docent at LACMA which means free parking and a free guest. Thanks Nancy!

The Manhattan Beach Pier

Rome and I went to the Manhattan Beach Pier this time for a change of pace and I liked it!


Christmas in November. Many people were sprawled on the sand in their bathing suits. That’s Catalina in the distance.

And The Washing Machine Too

Before and After, under my kitchen sink.

“Oh this is all wrong, we’ll have to change everything.”

I spent some quality time this week with the appliance fixer-person and the (different) dripping pipe fixer-person – find someone, get them to show up… All is well now, but you know, it’s always something. (btw The washing machine works when you wedge some nail clippers in front of the start/stop button “just right”.)

This Was Surprising

The Skirball up on Mulholland, near the Getty Center, has a lovely patio where they offer delightful programs throughout the summer. It’s winter now and much to my surprise, they’ve brought the programs inside where they’ve set up a stage and a temporary supper club with round tables and electric candles and the very entertaining Guy Mintus Trio.

Thanks to Jim and Rick for getting tickets and inviting me to join them.

A Full House

We had a full house today on our Persian Poetry zoom call.

And speaking of zoom calls, Roger, Sandy, Nancy, and I enjoyed an e-visit recently and it was so lovely to be able to get together.

Everything Is Fine

Lona’s picture.

I spent a lot of the last several days keeping my sister Lona company while she was under observation at the ever so comfortable and right-down-the-street St John’s hospital. It turned out they could not find the source of the trouble but everything is fine now.

This is Lona’s friend Jennifer who one afternoon and evening did Lona a great service. No need for the gory details. You too have probably drunk that gallon of disgusting liquid…

The Pier With Ingalill

There we are in the shadows..Ingalill got a new camera! And may I say “it’s about dang time.” She got an old hand-me-down camera years ago and that camera stopped performing well even before the pandemic. And now she has a wonderful new camera and we went to the Santa Monica Pier for sunset to test out some of her newly acquired features. I of course clicked away too, photophoto!

November 6 in Santa Monica.

We ate at the Mexican place, Mariasol, at the end of the pier. It was a gorgeous night and tasty too.

I snagged the Ferris Wheel idea off Lill. ClickClickClick.

Seems I can’t resist these. If there’s a chance, I take that chance…

Lill took this “self-portrait” of me.

At Lona’s

Trevor and Beth are in town and I popped over for a nice dinner and an excellent walk on the jetty.

Universal FUN

All these pictures are from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Oh my goodness, the ride, YIKES, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I screamed and laughed and howled the entire ride without a moment’s break. Lilly held my hand. I had no idea such a thing as this ‘ride’ was even possible.

We also enjoyed (I screamed non-stop..Lilly held my hand) the Simpsons ride. It was both gross and terrifying at the same exact time, a Virtual Reality roller coaster. It felt so realistic, not real, just realistic, that my body thought it was riding a crazy Crazy roller coaster.

We also did the Tram which has a few thrill ride components, not at all like the olden days! And we particularly enjoyed Jurassic World too.

It was all quite fabulous. Even the lines were good arriving as we did early on a Tuesday morning because Lilly’s school had an off-day. And when we did have some waiting to do Universal did a good job entertaining us while we waited.

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