Gobble Gobble

Wow, what a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Darryl and Angela had two beautiful tables set up…

..the over-30s (Darryl, Angela, Liz, Gary, Windy, Jeff, Lona, Jennifer) and the under-30s + ME (Anya, Cali, me, Lilly, Rome, Christa).
Lucky me!

A Thanksgiving FEAST! Lilly made labels for everything with the name of the dish, the name of the cook, and if it was gluten free-vegetarian-vegan. We had it all and plenty for Everyone!

Vegetable salad, beet salad, and orange and fennel salad. Mac and Cheese. Green beans almandine, maple butternut squash, and baked Brussel sprouts. Mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and fried tofu. Sliced Honey Baked ham and turkey, and spiced crabapples. Cornbread stuffing in Delicata squash.


..our SEVEN desserts: Peanut Butter Mousse, Apple Crisp, Pumpkin and Apple Pies, Key Lime Squares, Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Darryl, Angela, Rome, Anya, Calli, Lil.

My thought was to get everyone to do a selfie but I obviously failed.

American Gothic by Christa and Rome.

We all wrote up our thankfulness message to deposit in the thankfulness chest that has entries back to at least 2010. It’s so fun to look at the old ones and hear the new ones too.
Darryl, Jennifer, Gary, Christa, Lona, Liz, Jeff, Windy, Anya, Cali, Lilly, Angela, Rome, Oliver.

And then we entertained each other! Lona wanted Angela and Christa to stand on their heads, which they did beautifully. And we all took a turn with the hula hoop…

It was a beautiful time full of Thanksgiving and THANKS to be together.

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