Rome and I went to the Natural History Museum in Exposition Park especially to see the Spider Pavilion before it closes and while we were at it we looked around the Museum itself, ate at the cafe there, and admired the Rose Garden.

The ceiling of the grand rotunda..

and the upper half of what stands in the center of the rotunda.

Everyone who went to elementary school in LA will recognize this place.


Another entirely recognizable part of the Natural History Museum although the displays are updated since my elementary school years oh so very very long ago.

Rome is a big fan of crystals so we enjoyed a stroll through the Gems and Minerals exhibit.

Welcome to the Spider Pavilion!

The mom and her spiderlings.


This guy was great. He talked about spiders non-stop for our entire 30 minute slot.

The museum also has a large garden of eatables. They ask you to please refrain…

The front of the historic building which is on The National Register of Historic Places.

City Wildlife.

Just one picture from the huge and impressive Rose Garden.

Time to go in the setting sun.
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