Sunday, on the way back from Steve and Celina’s I stopped off to go to the movies with Marsha. We saw She Said and it was very good. Then we went back to their house where Tom had our cocktails ready on the counter. We each have a different preference of glass and the shape of our ice. It was so charming, and for dinner we ate Tom’s annual turkey soup that was the best EVER.

I don’t take a picture every day, I often go days without taking a picture, but this has been an especially fun-filled Thanksgiving season.

Monday I had a yummy outing with Muriel and Jo Ann. Welcome home Muriel! Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage Jo Ann.

Tuesday I went to Ben and Bonnie’s. We were going to walk over to Farmer’s Market but it got cold and dark and we .. didn’t. Next time!

Wednesday I had some phone calls and otherwise did Nothing EXCEPT with these words I’m caught up!

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