’09 December

Ho Ho HO! Olvera Street, Plumbing(!), more Ho Ho HO!

Busy BUSY day today….

December 29

Busy BUSY day today. First Ann, Claudia, and Sarah came over for lunch.

And then later in the day we went to the park to play with Katie-Nora-Anya-Lila and Tracy-Aiden-Isla

Rome climbed up the…

Rome climbed up the Big Kid’s play structure and went fast down that Big Kid’s slide, Twice! You go girl!

I went to Olvera…

December 28

I went to Olvera Street with Nancy and Sandy today. This is Nancy’s favorite store there. We also visited Sandy’s favorite store. I was hoping for the glass blowers but no one was out today.

It’s always so entertaining…

It’s always so entertaining around Olvera Street even when nothing is happening…which is almost never. In the hour we were around there were some Mayan dancers and a Peruvian Pipe Band.

To ‘walk off’ our…

To ‘walk off’ our meal we strolled over to Union Station and enjoyed the waiting area with a nice cup of tea.

I skipped dinner and came home, changed, and sunk into bed before 7. I think I’m feeling better but I also think I want to go to bed!

Me. Sick! …

December 27

Me. Sick! And it’s probably not allergies since my allergy remedies are proving ineffectual. At this moment I’m feeling hopeful that it’s just a two day head cold. That’s my plan!

I’m keeping track of my ‘episodes’. Now, late December 2009, November 2007, March 2006, October-June-April 2005 (now that was a bad year!).

I enjoyed another tasty…

December 23

I enjoyed another tasty and entertaining lunch with Boban this afternoon and he, keeping the deal, sent me this professional picture of his family. Thanks!


Our Christmas Party…SO much…

December 21

Our Christmas Party…SO much fun. And SO delicious!

(Maxine, Lourdes, Maryanne, Ljubica, Ann, Marija, me, Alicia, Marsha, Becky)

Look what Nancy Artz…

December 20

Look what Nancy Artz did?! And I got one too. Me and the Obamas. And mighty YUM it is, I can attest.


A little of what…

December 19

A little of what I’ve been up to when not fussing about the plumbing:

I saw Up In The Air. I was extremely hopeful for a masterpiece specifically because of Roger Ebert’s 4* review. It was very good – my expectations were too high.

There’s a new Trader Joe’s near my house and they Have Enough Parking! So far anyway, I’m thrilled. There is another Trader Joe’s closer but the parking is SO horrible I never go there.

Windy and I had a do-it-yourself spa day. Not exactly do-it-yourself, we had other people do it, and what a joy it was.

Speaking of refrigerators, it’s…

Speaking of refrigerators, it’s time for me to pack up this ‘refrigerator door’ and start afresh.

ps Pictures that I’ve printed on my own printer fade like crazy whereas the cheepie prints from the drug store do not. Pity, it must be this printer.

While I was gone…

December 17

While I was gone the tenant in the little cottage had her water heater pilot light go out. She called the gas company and their guy said she had to call a plumber. Bummer #1

And while they were at it they also told her there was a gas leak in the yard and they were turning off the gas to my place. That’s the red-tag no-gas-for-you boot that they’ve put on the gas meter. Bummer #2.

And the refrigerator? That’s my refrigerator that was totally busted when I got home. A total goner. All the food a total loss. Bummer #3.

So the plumber came…

So the plumber came out and could fix the tenant’s water heater and scoped out the gas leak. It all has to be replaced he tells me.

And, he tells me, it looks like you’ve got some water leaking too. It’s not good he pronounces slowly, head weaving side to side. Bummer #4.

So now they’re digging up the yard to redo the gas to my place and redo all the parts of the water system that are under ground. SIGH!

December 15 I’m back from…

December 15blizzard. Wow!

And now it’s time for the Holiday Season (and our little drummer girl!). I missed Brigitte and Knut’s party and I missed Liz and Gary’s party but there is more to come.

Another But…first I have to make the boat payment for Victor the plumber. Long and Very Unentertaining story for later.

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