’21 October

A relatively normal month. Goodness.


Rome was to be The Mad Hatter but sadly they were feeling unwell. I’m The Cheshire Bat (get it get it), then comes The White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts, and our very own Alice in Wonderland. And The Caterpillar of course joins the party.

On Sharon’s Patio

We enjoyed a lovely late-afternoon happy hour. Sharon came home from a weekend away to find her house decorated for Halloween. The team that does her Christmas lights thought she might enjoy this surprise. And she was surprised!

Better I Hope Than the Second

Although the internet seems to think the after-effects will be similar to the second shot. Fingers crossed for an easier time since I was kinda achy and I slept 12 hours for two nights after the second shot.

Happy Birthday Susie

We had a plan, we did nothing on the original plan but instead did a quick u-turn into a new and extremely wonderful plan.

As we were rolling down PCH it came to light that Susie had never visited the Adamson House.. okok, let’s see if they’re open! And not only were they open, there were guides just waiting to take the two of us on the best tour I’ve ever had there, and I have been there a time or ten.

Our guide did a good job at the museum talking about the history of the population and development of the area but best of all she took us into every single room of the house and she was full of delightful stories.

But first we enjoyed the views into the Malibu Lagoon Bird Sanctuary.

Ducks, Pelicans, Seagulls, Cormorants
Pelicans being our favorite.

Here’s Susie and our wonderful guide Mariana.

We had lunch at Taverna Tony which was perfect including totally delightful outdoor dining. And I got to have flaming cheese again!

The absolute highlight of the Adamson House is the breathtaking glory of the tiles all made ‘down the road’ at the long-gone Malibu Pottery. We couldn’t take pictures inside so below find Internet Pictures of the tiles:

At Lona’s Apartment

Who can resist this awesome view. Crazy though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it without an entertaining selection of boats making their way in or out of the marina.

Terry After So Long

It was Arlene’s idea, it was Terry’s birthday, Terry brought two yummy bottles of wine, Burt and Charlene were able to come. The stars aligned. We haven’t all been together for 2-3-4 years, so long, and what a lovely time we all had catching up.

Terry, Arlene, me, Charlene, Burt (“in our 70s”)


Let’s Have Dinner

We’ve had dinner together a few times in recent weeks and it’s always So Delicious and a Ton of FUN with such sweet and kind friends. Thank you ladies! (me, Jo Ann, Muriel) We all want a smooth face but, ok, I did overdo it…


DAR&L’s street in Redondo Beach is now home to hundreds of screaming parrots. So so many. I’d see 20 fly into a tree and be able to find only one. They buzz so fast from tree to tree it’s quite the sight.

Here’s what HistoryLosAngeles has to say: “…like Redondo Beach, where Majestic Magnolias line some of the streets. When their avocado-sized seed pods are ripe with big red berries, the parrots will hit tree after tree in the evenings, kind of like feathered barhoppers. The parrots scream loudly and obnoxiously, they pitch the used seed pods at cars. . . yeah…”

I guess they’ll move on once the seed pods are gone. This is kind of cool, the California Parrot Project.

This is DAR&L’s street from the google walking man, lined, as they say, with Majestic Magnolias:

Oh Maxine

Every holiday is an extravaganza at Maxine’s house, and she especially loves Halloween!

A Slumber Party

Rome and Lilly and I had a wonderful 24 hours including making those spell jars from Rome’s book (I’ll get the title), making food from recipes in the book, but First…

The Ferris Wheel!

And The Arcade!

Rome’s Pictures below.

And breakfast at the waffle place!

These are Rome’s pictures too!

Merlyn Stopped By

Merlyn stopped by this morning for a coffee and a little visit, bringing those fall gourds for a decoration gift, and I shared with him some of Olivia’s peppers and Becky’s persimmons. Sharing is caring!

I also want to comment on my corner markets, catty-corner from each other, my Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have managed 100% mask compliance and people seem to easily keep their distance in line. Like it was always this way.

The Colors of Blue

The colors of blue and Nancy at LA Louver.

Nancy Reddin Kienholz / Liberty Valley, April 3, 2007. Like those tilting postcards, you can walk from side to side and get different images.

Yes, That Kienholtz: “She was most famous for her collaborations with her husband and creative partner Edward Kienholz, from their meeting in 1972 until his sudden death in 1994.”


From the LA Louver website.

A Wednesday Changing to Tuesday

Next week, due to Activities, we’re changing Wednesday to Tuesday for the next school semester.

Above, that’s Lilly making cupcakes and below, that’s Rome and their friends enjoying an after school (very very) complicated game where the goal is to cooperate to defeat the game itself. They won.

Something’s happening at the dining room table…

She’s Smiling But

(internet stock image)

She’s smiling but not for me… It’s CONSTANT all right. Monday I had a huge lunch with the ladies, took home some leftovers and finished them off. Tuesday I sat around most of the evening eating delicious food with Muriel and Jo Ann. Eating with friends, it’s So Fun.

Santa Barbara For Lunch

Michi is in town from her new home in Mexico and I went up to join her and Nancy for lunch. It was So Nice!

Michi is staying with a friend and we went by for tea after lunch. Woweeee, right, check out those hearts. They are a years-long collection from an annual charity auction. Impressive!

A Catch-up to Now

From the Rose Garden in Palisades Park


Angela sent me these pictures while I was away. First, Rome’s SIXTEENTH birthday with friends:

Lilly’s fete in the backyard with friends for her TWELFTH birthday.


I went over to Marsha’s to admire her new floor (FAB) and was again taken with her gaga collection of adornments.


Windy and Jeff are off on a three week sojourn through Pennsylvania and North Carolina during Car Show season where Jeff enters cars in competitions, admires cars, and often judges cars for the important car shows that accredit Corvette restorations.
Sharon and I did our first in a month Palisades Park walk. Always a joy. But where are the people? We thought maybe the beach was closed because of the oil spill but I didn’t see any evidence of that in the news.
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