DAR&L’s street in Redondo Beach is now home to hundreds of screaming parrots. So so many. I’d see 20 fly into a tree and be able to find only one. They buzz so fast from tree to tree it’s quite the sight.

Here’s what HistoryLosAngeles has to say: “…like Redondo Beach, where Majestic Magnolias line some of the streets. When their avocado-sized seed pods are ripe with big red berries, the parrots will hit tree after tree in the evenings, kind of like feathered barhoppers. The parrots scream loudly and obnoxiously, they pitch the used seed pods at cars. . . yeah…”

I guess they’ll move on once the seed pods are gone. This is kind of cool, the California Parrot Project.

This is DAR&L’s street from the google walking man, lined, as they say, with Majestic Magnolias:

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