Happy Birthday Susie

We had a plan, we did nothing on the original plan but instead did a quick u-turn into a new and extremely wonderful plan.

As we were rolling down PCH it came to light that Susie had never visited the Adamson House.. okok, let’s see if they’re open! And not only were they open, there were guides just waiting to take the two of us on the best tour I’ve ever had there, and I have been there a time or ten.

Our guide did a good job at the museum talking about the history of the population and development of the area but best of all she took us into every single room of the house and she was full of delightful stories.

But first we enjoyed the views into the Malibu Lagoon Bird Sanctuary.

Ducks, Pelicans, Seagulls, Cormorants
Pelicans being our favorite.

Here’s Susie and our wonderful guide Mariana.

We had lunch at Taverna Tony which was perfect including totally delightful outdoor dining. And I got to have flaming cheese again!

The absolute highlight of the Adamson House is the breathtaking glory of the tiles all made ‘down the road’ at the long-gone Malibu Pottery. We couldn’t take pictures inside so below find Internet Pictures of the tiles:

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