’22 Jul: Reunion In Temecula

Party Hearty

Lona, who loves the sun.

Getting ready for a happy get-together in Temecula with the family. Remarkably we have so so many drop-outs, all for perfectly understandable reasons…we’re down to about half the number we could accommodate! And that half is going to have a fabulous time.

We sisters, Lona, Windy, and me, came down early to do The Shopping so we rented a smaller place for a couple nights for us to not have to rush, and for anyone who came in early.

On another yet tangentially related note, the internet has been so pleased with itself for a couple days with All James Webb Space Telescope All. The. Time. Cool stuff. They’re also doing side-by-sides with Hubble shots vs JWST of the same area. We’re learning something, and that’s always good.

With all the telescope news I wanted to take a picture too from the back yard of this place.
I’m quite ok with this one but Why didn’t I bring my tripod?!

JWST takes a picture of Jupiter

…and the cosmos.

We’re Here

This is a photo from their website. Yes, it looks like this and is as fantastic as one might imagine from the picture. And I have SO many pictures, and we were SO busy, I’m hoping to put together the story between tonight and tomorrow.

So Much Fun

Oh yes, many times a day we gathered here. Caleb, Trevor, Lona, Jeff, Travis. Lilly, Lucas, Cali, Anya, Windy.
The property is sited amidst a very large orange grove and we drank fresh OJ every morning from the family juicer Lilly brought. MMM!
Time for some exploration.
The kind and sweet young people giving the enthusiastic old people a boost.
Farm implements left over from the olden days.

Water balloons, and a lot of ’em. They filled that basket 3 times!
Another nightly pleasure…
…for hanging out…and S’MOREs of course. Cali, Anya.
Our own fire-starter Caleb.
All day and through the night various ones enjoy the HOT hot tub.
Lilly, Cali, Anya, Lucas, Travis, Christa, Trevor, Caleb, Lona seated.
Some pictures of the property from their website.

Wow Even More Fun

We are The Great Aunts! Windy put together two delightful quizzes, and prizes for us to do during Show Time.


Freshly picked breakfast oranges!
A morning pool time before we leave for the lake. I don’t remember when it started but at one point word games became The Thing to do in the pool. Word games and Cornhole, but I don’t have any pictures.

We’re off to the lake. Which reminds me to mention how often Anya drove Cali and Lilly to do our chores. I didn’t leave the place even once for a chore. They picked up food to-go and they went to the store and I don’t remember what else. Cool, thanks Anya!

The ‘other’ boat.
Cali, Lilly, Anya…then Lucas and I took a turn. When I was driving I took us around and around both tall shooting fountains so we could catch the mist.

Lona took the picture of Caleb, Trevor, Travis, Christa, Windy.
Going for a walk around the lake.
Enjoying a breezy lay-about.
The seniors pedaling while Travis drives.
Everyone who wanted to got to fly a kite and they were good kites too.
I got one to fly so long I got tired before the kite quit.

After dinner


Lucas tries to teach us a magic trick. Lilly, Anya, Cali performing an awesome song and dance routine. Caleb has a fire story. Christa tells some doctor jokes and reenacts an exciting delivery. Darryl shows us how to snap in two rhythms while Angela stands on her head. Travis shows us a yarn trick he learned from Great Grams. FABULOUS! (Lona’s pictures.)

After which, of course, there’s the pool, the hot tub, the fire, and s’Mores. I, however, am asleep.

Can There Be More Fun

Let’s Climb a Tree!


Oak Trees and Oranges
Oliver was a delight to one and all and he had so much fun.
Hi hi!
Anya made a mehndi for everyone who wanted one.
And the three Great Aunts all wanted one bad.
Lilly made one for herself!
SO CUTE, and I didn’t tell them to do that leg thing, they just did it. The bunk room was particularly nice in this property.
Yes! More Swimming..
..And Hot Tubbing! You can see what look like steps into the hot tub but is actually a boiling hot waterfall.
Some scenes around the property.
Travis is wearing the button from 7 years ago, the last time we all got together. Thank you for the reminder.


A few more pictures and links to round out the story

will be coming soon!

UPDATE 7/27…Still Not Done!

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