Wow Even More Fun

We are The Great Aunts! Windy put together two delightful quizzes, and prizes for us to do during Show Time.


Freshly picked breakfast oranges!
A morning pool time before we leave for the lake. I don’t remember when it started but at one point word games became The Thing to do in the pool. Word games and Cornhole, but I don’t have any pictures.

We’re off to the lake. Which reminds me to mention how often Anya drove Cali and Lilly to do our chores. I didn’t leave the place even once for a chore. They picked up food to-go and they went to the store and I don’t remember what else. Cool, thanks Anya!

The ‘other’ boat.
Cali, Lilly, Anya…then Lucas and I took a turn. When I was driving I took us around and around both tall shooting fountains so we could catch the mist.

Lona took the picture of Caleb, Trevor, Travis, Christa, Windy.
Going for a walk around the lake.
Enjoying a breezy lay-about.
The seniors pedaling while Travis drives.
Everyone who wanted to got to fly a kite and they were good kites too.
I got one to fly so long I got tired before the kite quit.

After dinner


Lucas tries to teach us a magic trick. Lilly, Anya, Cali performing an awesome song and dance routine. Caleb has a fire story. Christa tells some doctor jokes and reenacts an exciting delivery. Darryl shows us how to snap in two rhythms while Angela stands on her head. Travis shows us a yarn trick he learned from Great Grams. FABULOUS! (Lona’s pictures.)

After which, of course, there’s the pool, the hot tub, the fire, and s’Mores. I, however, am asleep.

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