Can There Be More Fun

Let’s Climb a Tree!


Oak Trees and Oranges
Oliver was a delight to one and all and he had so much fun.
Hi hi!
Anya made a mehndi for everyone who wanted one.
And the three Great Aunts all wanted one bad.
Lilly made one for herself!
SO CUTE, and I didn’t tell them to do that leg thing, they just did it. The bunk room was particularly nice in this property.
Yes! More Swimming..
..And Hot Tubbing! You can see what look like steps into the hot tub but is actually a boiling hot waterfall.
Some scenes around the property.
Travis is wearing the button from 7 years ago, the last time we all got together. Thank you for the reminder.


A few more pictures and links to round out the story

will be coming soon!

UPDATE 7/27…Still Not Done!

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