So Much Fun

Oh yes, many times a day we gathered here. Caleb, Trevor, Lona, Jeff, Travis. Lilly, Lucas, Cali, Anya, Windy.
The property is sited amidst a very large orange grove and we drank fresh OJ every morning from the family juicer Lilly brought. MMM!
Time for some exploration.
The kind and sweet young people giving the enthusiastic old people a boost.
Farm implements left over from the olden days.

Water balloons, and a lot of ’em. They filled that basket 3 times!
Another nightly pleasure…
…for hanging out…and S’MOREs of course. Cali, Anya.
Our own fire-starter Caleb.
All day and through the night various ones enjoy the HOT hot tub.
Lilly, Cali, Anya, Lucas, Travis, Christa, Trevor, Caleb, Lona seated.
Some pictures of the property from their website.
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