Party Hearty

Lona, who loves the sun.

Getting ready for a happy get-together in Temecula with the family. Remarkably we have so so many drop-outs, all for perfectly understandable reasons…we’re down to about half the number we could accommodate! And that half is going to have a fabulous time.

We sisters, Lona, Windy, and me, came down early to do The Shopping so we rented a smaller place for a couple nights for us to not have to rush, and for anyone who came in early.

On another yet tangentially related note, the internet has been so pleased with itself for a couple days with All James Webb Space Telescope All. The. Time. Cool stuff. They’re also doing side-by-sides with Hubble shots vs JWST of the same area. We’re learning something, and that’s always good.

With all the telescope news I wanted to take a picture too from the back yard of this place.
I’m quite ok with this one but Why didn’t I bring my tripod?!

JWST takes a picture of Jupiter

…and the cosmos.

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