’22 January

Starting out nicely…

The Farm

From the viewing station at sunset, off in the distance above are the Channel Islands…


..and this is Chad, the horticulturist at the farm, and Dave and Chris.

Sharon, Dave, Chris, and I enjoyed a quick 2-nighter up at a property near Camarillo surrounded by groves of avocado trees. Oh yes, there is guacamole in our future.

Sunrise from my bedroom window.
As well as the avocado groves there are raised beds and tilled fields for kitchen produce.

Los Tres! Helpers in the home and with the animals, the five goats, two burros, various chickens, and cats, and more to come I’m sure.

We also took a drive through the small town of Santa Paula and hit all the Tripadvisor Must Sees in town. First, the Art Museum where they had three different exhibits by local artists, more a gallery than a museum since everything was for sale. Cool space, built in 1924, originally “the historic Limoneira building”.
I couldn’t find a plaque or a mention on the internet, but these sculptures are right next to the absolute main attraction..
..the Santa Paula Floating Granite Ball! Wow!!

Here come a couple pictures of the murals around town. There are many more.

Pictures from Karina below:

LA Louver

Chris and Dave are here from Kansas, staying at Sharon’s. Yesterday we had lunch together and today we went to La Louver and had a stroll around the Venice Boardwalk.

Sharon and I could not shut up about the transformation on the Venice Boardwalk. There was zero evidence of trash and tents and people living on the street and even the sidewalk was clean.

They Call Me Tallulah

Lilly is getting ready for the auditions for her theater group’s next performance. They’re doing Bugsy Malone and Lilly is preparing “They Call Me Tallulah” to Darryl’s accompaniment. It’s a perfect song for Lilly, lively and dramatic (and Darryl is doing a wonderful job on piano.)

Considerably Better Than Nothing

We missed a few weeks around the holidays and then in hopeful avoidance of The Sick we missed a few weeks again. So hey, let’s have a Happy Hour Zoom!

Marsha, me, Becky, Ann, Alicia (Maxine, Marija, Ljubica couldn’t make it)

Oh Alex

Alex is holding my Alex-Please list which I keep updated as chores enter my life that I’m not up to doing – chores that involve electricity, or plumbing, or moving heavy objects, or ladders. If it’s critical, I’ll get someone around here to do it; Alex comes when I have a list.

It’s so beautiful, so many chores involve making things straight, or secure, or replaced. Lucky dog me, right! Look at how straight those blinds are. You can just imagine my mental and physical distress when they were crooked…

The Getty Villa

Alex and Carol’s friend Anita was visiting from the Gulf Coast and a nice outing to the Getty Villa was just the thing to conclude their time together. And oh what a gorgeous day it was.

We had the 10am entry on a Thursday and check it out, it was OURS for the first half-hour at least.
I know, a treat indeed.
This floor, I must have a picture from every visit.
They were running a huge Rubens exhibition called “Picturing Antiquity” and that was a treat too! (Villa website)

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Built on the old May Company site, on the same block as LACMA we find the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Note the golf ball behind Levitated Mass (I love Levitated Mass!) which is part of the Academy Museum. I took all the high pictures from the deck under that sphere.


Hi sweetie.
Here come’s LACMA Red.
Under the Academy Museum dome.
If you like movies you’ll find something to enjoy here. It’s not particularly big, or particularly wonderful, but it is fun.
Park La Brea Towers in the distance, the first phase opening in 1944, they’ve been here my whole life and are still going strong.
They’re keeping the Japanese Pavilion, and the Resnick and the Broad are still open.
Between them is all the new construction mapped out below.

Above is the LACMA and Academy Museum campus, how it looks now with the footprint of the new LACMA construction being the ameba shape drawn in grey. Notice how the new building is going to cross over Wilshire Blvd. Just above the new LACMA are the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum. You can catch a view of downtown in the upper left.

Ben and Bonnie, Dan and Shelly, Richard and Emilia

Lona’s HOME

It happened that Tuesday was my day to be with her and when I got to the hospital in the morning the doctor’s had already decided that she would go home that day!

When we got home TeeTee had a fabulous down-home dinner all ready.


And then it was time to get ready for sleeping. Lona thinks she’s going to be more comfortable here than in the bed. She’s got this machine connected to a shoulder pad that keeps cold water running through the device, helpful and Fancy.

Pain: comes and goes from 4-6. The doctors are very happy with the shoulder replacement surgery.

Infection: still being treated, now with oral antibiotics

Nausea: I think they don’t know where this is coming from but medication helps.

Anemia: Numbers look good but continuing to treat with iron.

Update On Lona

The most recent idea is that Lona will not be released on Monday but maybe/probably on Tuesday.

From Trevor, a recap: “…my mom was recovering very well until Thursday morning at which point she had a very severe setback and was uncommunicative and the only question she could answer barely and indistinctly was who is talking to her when it was me. She apparently got an infection in her lungs (from being intubated or extubation, is the doctor’s analysis) which resulted in low oxygen levels and multi system inflammatory response and sepsis. .. She went from being fully communicative to non-responsive in less than two hours. We were in ICU from Thursday to Friday.

“She appears to be getting first-rate care. And her prognosis at this time seems excellent.”

How did she end up at the small community Adventist White Memorial Hospital in Boyle Heights, so far from home? Good question. They chose the doctor because he is ‘the best in the country’ at shoulder replacement surgery and this is his hospital, the place, he says, where they buy him all the high-tech gear he asks for. It hasn’t been great resource-wise, presumably from supply chain and covid demands – food, supplies, attentiveness from nursing, all below par but they are very happy with the doctor and his immediate staff so good for that.

The Old Place

It’s true, there’s a place in the Malibu hills called The Old Place and it’s an old place. You can eat there or have a wine tasting. Is it worth a 40 minute drive? Sure, and especially if you’re on your way to Thousand Oaks, or coming back west.


A Quick Visit On A Great Day

Nancy and I enjoyed a quick visit to the Huntington. The day was beautiful in that it was cool and almost empty. We ate a very good lunch at the new Chinese restaurant and otherwise we didn’t get far, just a stroll through the Chinese and Japanese gardens.


10 Hours of OMG

Lona had her shoulder replacement surgery on Tuesday and although delayed, it went well. The original plan was she’d come home on Wednesday but they decided to keep her Wednesday night. I got this text from Trevor around 8am Thursday morning: “102.7° fever and non-responsive. The head surgeon is here and they are doing a full court press with a neurologist.”

Not Good! I was in text-touch with Trevor throughout the day (the hospital had let him stay the whole time, even throughout the nights). They did a ton of tests to rule out stroke, heart attack, etc, then moved her to ICU. She had been regaining consciousness hour by hour.

At 6pm Windy and I met Trevor at the hospital cafeteria and learned how well Lona was doing. She was making jokes and complaining, so, that is to say, normal! They’re keeping her in the ICU for another day or two, for monitoring. Now she just has to recover from shoulder replacement surgery!

Out For A Walk

Today I went for walk and then into the grocery store. I found around my ears 1) a visor 2) my glasses 3) a head set 4) a mask. No wonder it was a scramble to get out of it all!

A Highlight in This Time of Zoom

We’ve been reading The Conference of the Birds for more than a year now and THANKS to zoom we have a wide-ranging and always delightful group.

What Have I Been Doing

And what will I be doing? Watching shows and trying to dodge The Sick. My calendar gets cleared everyday from one day to the next due to cancellations due to everyone else also trying to dodge The Sick. It’s not a roller coaster I feel but rather that ride that whips you around and makes you puke.

So Ummm

Are we all just going to get covid now…

My Sisters


My sisters came by for lunch and Lona chose the striped socks from my help-yourself sock basket, because they went so well with her blouse…

So Much Fruit

So many oranges.

I thought these were Valencias but Valencias don’t fruit in January. Navels fruit in January so maybe I’ve got Navels and not Valencias.


And even the grapefruit is happy this year.

Bye 2021 Hi 2022 Please Be Nice

New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. A morning walk and lunch with Sharon and then a movie, dinner, a walk, and a sleepover with Marsha and Tom followed by a morning of breakfast and the Rose Parade on tv, and then a stroll through the San Fernando Mission. Nice start 2022.

Morning at Casa Van Valkenburg, the cats, quite insistently, waiting for food, and let’s put on the Christmas tree lights for a photo.

New Year’s Morning Mimosas, and a lovely view out the dining room window to the greening field above.

Cat Eyes.

A quote from Tom “I feel so much safer with statistics on my side instead of a 12 gauge shotgun.”

From 1885-ish, and inset is the rebuilt mission. There isn’t a huge effort to look old but it’s still good for a visit if you enjoy the California Missions.
In the church..
..and in a room dedicated to images of Mary. I like her crown all jaunty and shining gold.
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