10 Hours of OMG

Lona had her shoulder replacement surgery on Tuesday and although delayed, it went well. The original plan was she’d come home on Wednesday but they decided to keep her Wednesday night. I got this text from Trevor around 8am Thursday morning: “102.7° fever and non-responsive. The head surgeon is here and they are doing a full court press with a neurologist.”

Not Good! I was in text-touch with Trevor throughout the day (the hospital had let him stay the whole time, even throughout the nights). They did a ton of tests to rule out stroke, heart attack, etc, then moved her to ICU. She had been regaining consciousness hour by hour.

At 6pm Windy and I met Trevor at the hospital cafeteria and learned how well Lona was doing. She was making jokes and complaining, so, that is to say, normal! They’re keeping her in the ICU for another day or two, for monitoring. Now she just has to recover from shoulder replacement surgery!

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