Update On Lona

The most recent idea is that Lona will not be released on Monday but maybe/probably on Tuesday.

From Trevor, a recap: “…my mom was recovering very well until Thursday morning at which point she had a very severe setback and was uncommunicative and the only question she could answer barely and indistinctly was who is talking to her when it was me. She apparently got an infection in her lungs (from being intubated or extubation, is the doctor’s analysis) which resulted in low oxygen levels and multi system inflammatory response and sepsis. .. She went from being fully communicative to non-responsive in less than two hours. We were in ICU from Thursday to Friday.

“She appears to be getting first-rate care. And her prognosis at this time seems excellent.”

How did she end up at the small community Adventist White Memorial Hospital in Boyle Heights, so far from home? Good question. They chose the doctor because he is ‘the best in the country’ at shoulder replacement surgery and this is his hospital, the place, he says, where they buy him all the high-tech gear he asks for. It hasn’t been great resource-wise, presumably from supply chain and covid demands – food, supplies, attentiveness from nursing, all below par but they are very happy with the doctor and his immediate staff so good for that.

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