The Farm

From the viewing station at sunset, off in the distance above are the Channel Islands…


..and this is Chad, the horticulturist at the farm, and Dave and Chris.

Sharon, Dave, Chris, and I enjoyed a quick 2-nighter up at a property near Camarillo surrounded by groves of avocado trees. Oh yes, there is guacamole in our future.

Sunrise from my bedroom window.
As well as the avocado groves there are raised beds and tilled fields for kitchen produce.

Los Tres! Helpers in the home and with the animals, the five goats, two burros, various chickens, and cats, and more to come I’m sure.

We also took a drive through the small town of Santa Paula and hit all the Tripadvisor Must Sees in town. First, the Art Museum where they had three different exhibits by local artists, more a gallery than a museum since everything was for sale. Cool space, built in 1924, originally “the historic Limoneira building”.
I couldn’t find a plaque or a mention on the internet, but these sculptures are right next to the absolute main attraction..
..the Santa Paula Floating Granite Ball! Wow!!

Here come a couple pictures of the murals around town. There are many more.

Pictures from Karina below:

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