Bye 2021 Hi 2022 Please Be Nice

New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. A morning walk and lunch with Sharon and then a movie, dinner, a walk, and a sleepover with Marsha and Tom followed by a morning of breakfast and the Rose Parade on tv, and then a stroll through the San Fernando Mission. Nice start 2022.

Morning at Casa Van Valkenburg, the cats, quite insistently, waiting for food, and let’s put on the Christmas tree lights for a photo.

New Year’s Morning Mimosas, and a lovely view out the dining room window to the greening field above.

Cat Eyes.

A quote from Tom “I feel so much safer with statistics on my side instead of a 12 gauge shotgun.”

From 1885-ish, and inset is the rebuilt mission. There isn’t a huge effort to look old but it’s still good for a visit if you enjoy the California Missions.
In the church..
..and in a room dedicated to images of Mary. I like her crown all jaunty and shining gold.
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