Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Built on the old May Company site, on the same block as LACMA we find the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Note the golf ball behind Levitated Mass (I love Levitated Mass!) which is part of the Academy Museum. I took all the high pictures from the deck under that sphere.


Hi sweetie.
Here come’s LACMA Red.
Under the Academy Museum dome.
If you like movies you’ll find something to enjoy here. It’s not particularly big, or particularly wonderful, but it is fun.
Park La Brea Towers in the distance, the first phase opening in 1944, they’ve been here my whole life and are still going strong.
They’re keeping the Japanese Pavilion, and the Resnick and the Broad are still open.
Between them is all the new construction mapped out below.

Above is the LACMA and Academy Museum campus, how it looks now with the footprint of the new LACMA construction being the ameba shape drawn in grey. Notice how the new building is going to cross over Wilshire Blvd. Just above the new LACMA are the La Brea Tar Pits and the Page Museum. You can catch a view of downtown in the upper left.

Ben and Bonnie, Dan and Shelly, Richard and Emilia

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