’16 late May-some June

JUNE in Saint Paul:
Thanks to Cynthia and Mike
and Kieran!

APR: Kauai
MAY: Galapagos
and Cuenca-Quito

Here’s the bowl of…

June 30

Here’s the bowl of succulents from Lill at home in the window box at The Big House. I am definitely going to get some shots of the place before the workers get going…tomorrow? I’m going to try!

Lona and I went…

June 26

Lona and I went to Ikea and later I went to Lill’s Mid-Summer party..I think she has a picture I can get. I took this picture a few months ago but haven’t used it yet.

The Refrigerator Door: from Rome and Lilly-soccer and school pictures, Valentine’s Day cards, photo booth pictures, Holiday card; Kathleen’s funny thank-you note; Cynthia, Mike, and Kieran’s Holiday card; the ticket to Disney Hall and one of the finest performances I have been privileged to enjoy (thanks to Marsha!); Paris Macaroon magnet from Lill; Shira and Chad’s wedding; the Dragolovic’s Holiday card; my 3D kitty magnet, so cute; there were three birds, one origami I made, one straw guy I made in Laos, and a porcelain beauty that was a gift.

It was the 4th…

It was the 4th Grade music performance at Jefferson and it was FAB. The entire 4th Grade, three and a half classes worth, memorized 7-8-9 songs and matching movements and performed them with enthusiasm and skill. Good job kids! Excellent Rome!

From Nancy’s facebook -…

June 7

From Nancy’s facebook – and dear grandgirl Chloe. Nancy is wearing The Boot these days from having wacked her foot on a step so we drove around together today doing chores.

I’ve also had three electricians out, got the car serviced, etc on the chore front and my first Monday Potluck in two months.

Lonie and I went…

June 4

Lonie and I went for a stroll around the Marina looking for Larry Ellison’s sail boat that is visible from L&H’s window across the channel.

This is mi familia…

May 22-June 2

This is mi familia in Ecuador. The young woman second from the right had just arrived so most of the week it was we three students and the two sisters. Living in the house were also two more sisters, some nephews, a granddaughter or two – I was never completely clear but it was a fine home-stay.

The two sisters pictured here were wonderfully chatty always in Spanish so our listening skills certainly improved. We students tried to use Spanish as much as possible although there were times my frustration level peeked and just quickly had my say in English.

The young woman on the left is a French speaker from Quebec and the fellow on the right is multi-multi-lingual speaker from the Netherlands. They both spoke perfect English.

I missed Christa’s college…

I missed Christa’s college graduation. Here she is with Lona and Hartley and the paper representing the CAR waiting for her in Honolulu.

She’ll be going to medical school at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu and the car will definitely come in handy for commuting all those late nights. Congratulations Christa!

Happy hour half-price dinner…

Happy hour half-price dinner with Sharon at Fig and it was delicious.

I also caught up with friends and family and didn’t take pictures because for one reason I was entirely distracted by ‘what am I going to do in the house’!

My tenant in the front left before I went to Ecuador and now I’m working on getting it in tip-top shape which is A LOT of work.

Open house and a…

Open house and a display of art that is so cool. We also got to visit the classrooms and the turn-out was impressive. It was packed both with delighted families and amazing work. Wow on the teachers and the school for supporting them.

A very fun outing…

A very fun outing at the mall!

It’s one of those huge spaces with giant dinosaurs and some information about them. They pass out a quiz page that you can answer by reading the signs. The kids loved it.

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