’07 Aug: Orange County with CC

Sept 22. Mostly Here Kitty Kitty. ’07

From the day before…

September 22

From the day before I left for Mexico, Cynthia and I had a great day driving around the OC and I’ve just now got to the pictures.

Wow, first we stopped off at a hote$$$, the tres chic Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach.

Then we went to…

Then we went to visit The Blue Bell, Rest Home for CATS. I just HAD to see this place. This is the outdoor lounging portion of the Home, connected by doors and windows to the actual house.

It was raining and had been most of the morning so all the cats were inside. Oh No! I Reeeeally wanted to see those cats.

And you know, it…

And you know, it was NICE inside. We couldn’t believe how nice. There is a full time staff to keep everything cleaned up and the cats happy and healthy.

In my house, when I had just the one cat, you couldn’t sit Anywhere or put your clothes on Any surface without the benefit of cat hair but here, with dozens of cats, the floors, furniture, and bedding were all Clean. Wow.

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