’08 October

Back from the Twin Cities and Seattle, SMC, beach days, friends and neighbors.

Same time same place…

October 28

Same time same place always good fun.

The Halloween season has begun. Photos from Rome’s school party and all the additional events…photos in the Halloween! chapter.

Brigitte gave me these…

October 27

Brigitte gave me these sproutlings for my garden. I put them here to get a few more roots and they look so dog gone cute I’m wanting to keep them right where they are!

A few blocks from…

A few blocks from my house. Usually I take a picture of the street just before this one with the long march of 5 story tall palm trees.

That’s Big Blue down there crossing Santa Monica Blvd., part of the excellent public transportation system in Santa Monica that I appreciate so much.

I was walking down…

I was walking down to the beach and heard strange and intersting sounds coming from those open windows. Walking to the front door…whoo, it’s the Santa Monica College music school recently opened and full of students.

Twenty bucks a unit…

Twenty bucks a unit for all comers to learn Music. What a gift…literaly, from me, since I am going to vote for a Santa Monica College bond measure that will increase my taxes.

I had a wonderful chat with the guitar teacher who filled me in on the story. The building (at 10th and Arizona) was completely refurbished for this purpose, moving the entire music program from the Pico campus, but, get this, they ran out of money and didn’t install a/c(!) and hence the fan.

This Santa Monica College building is connected to…

…the new SMC Broad…

…the new SMC Broad Stage theater built with a ten million dollar grant from the very same Broads who took back their gift to LACMA which I was not so happy about, but then the guitar teacher reminded me that without the Broads ‘they’ might not have got Disney Hall finished, but I digress.

The theater just opened and has been very well reviewed as a venue for all the performing arts.

David Mamet, when asked…

David Mamet, when asked to comment on The Broad Stage remarked as follows:

“The only thing more important than a forum where the community can go to hear the truth is a forum where the community can go to hear the truth with adequate parking.”

And then dinner at…

And then dinner at Ken and Susie’s (thank you!) where Les and Elizabeth have been staying for a few days. Les was a guest speaker at CSUN today and Elizabeth is speaking in Long Beach tomorrow.

Here we are getting to hear Elizabeth’s talk which was a real treat. We got the benefit of the unabridged version. She’s going to have to drop about 30 minutes for the class.

Nancy put together a…

October 26

Nancy put together a first annual Old Ladies Beach Blanket Bingo. We didn’t play bingo though.

I am 100% hot…

I am 100% hot for this beach. It’s a surfer’s beach and you have to walk very near the pier before it is open for swimmers but hey, we’re not swimming anyway.

Surfin’ USA!…

Surfin’ USA!

And the parking lot is 10 yards from our location, and there’s a bathroom 20 yards away, and with chairs and blankets, and an umbrella were it not so windy, we’re talking beach perfection.

Rome! D&A went…

October 25

Rome! D&A went out for date night and we got to play! Here we are doing a little hula since Rome got this sweet dress from a neighbor who was visiting Hawaii.

Then we created The Backward Dance. The final section is where Rome gyrates herself moving backwards laughing her head off while Granny shephards the movements hoping sincerely that Rome does not topple over (backwards!).

This cat was a…

This cat was a highlight of our neighborhood stroll. We learned his name…but I’ve forgotten already, like, a few hours later. Maybe Rome will remember.

I went to Santa…

October 24

I went to Santa Barbara today with Nancy to await the arrival of her mom Sylvia’s new refrigerator, washing machine, and water heater, so we could be there for the switch-a-roos. We moved the food, knocked off a shelf that was in the way, and got all the rebates together. Then we went out and ate a lot of food.

Sylvia is 93 years old. She lives on her own in a big house and is sharp as the proverbial tack. Nancy likes to tell how Sylvia can still beat her at Scrabble. You go girl!


This morning at 5:30…

October 23

This morning at 5:30 it was the smell of a wild fire that woke me up. Oh no! It had to be fairly close or very big. It turned out to be fairly close, in the Sepulveda Pass, but not so big. Can you Imagine rush hour traffic? I can!

Thanks Brigitte for the wonderful evening tonight. Delicious food and interesting conversation – perfect!

Photo from the LA Times.

I surely have done…

October 22

I surely have done a lot of nothin’ these last few days but that’s always what happens when I get home from a trip apparently even without any time change.

Tonight my little sister’s boyfriend took us out for dinner. Windy packed up half her food (just like you’re Supposed to!) and I ate Every Single Bite.

(omg, my old lady slumping round shoulders Must Be Tamed. Windy’s leaning forward but not slumped. How does that work!? Maybe it’s a back thing, about keeping your back straight? I’ve been struggling to control my posture forEVER. What makes me think I’ll ever improve? Nothing makes me think that, I don’t think that, but I soldier on!)

(cutie-pie waiter-man)

My ex-boss took me…

October 21

My ex-boss took me to a welcome home lunch at the always welcome Drago just up the street from my house. I was worrying about them since I took these photos at 12:30…but then they filled up nicely and all is well.

Some interesting facts about…

Some interesting facts about the University of Minnesota:

1) The student body is the 4th largest in the US at more than 50,000.
2) They won the College Bowl National Championship in 2004, 2005, and 2007.
3) Chartered in 1851, the buildings are heroic in design and scale.
4) They are freaks for sports and their mascot is The Golden Gopher. The Go Go Gophers (really).

From Travis and Lainee…

From Travis and Lainee – it’s Rome’s Texas cousins Cali May and Jack Black, ready for some serious Trick ‘r Treatin’. Hi y’all!


From Nancy Donald -…

From Nancy Donald – it’s her grandboys Charlie and Henry. Isn’t it just way too much fun, all these adorable children.


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