’17 August

Wow, Home Sweet HOME!
But it was amazing every day:

Sydney June 11-16 and again July 29-August 3.
Canberra June 16-20 and Melbourne June 20-23.
Tasmania June 23-July 1.
Broome July 1-8.
Darwin+ and The Red Center July 8-18.
Cairns-Port Arthur-Lady Elliot-Brisbane July 18-29.

Bill came over for…

August 25

Bill came over for lunch and why have a picture of Bill when you can have a picture of Sweet Addie Rose!

Susie! My friend…

August 31

Susie! My friend of 50+ years. I’m 70 +a few months and Susie is 70 -a few months and How cute are WE?!

It’s the first day…

August 30

It’s the first day of school! These four kids have been in this exact line with a picture from the beginning of kindergarten and the end, the beginning of 1st grade and the end, and here’s the beginning of 2nd grade. What an adorable tradition!

“A surf hero and…

“A surf hero and legendary lifeguard, Tim Kelly is remembered in town by a bronze statue that sits at the foot of the Hermosa Beach Pier for all to see.”

“…he died at age 24 in a car crash while returning home from a surf trip to San Diego’s Trestles Beach in 1964.”

From a walk with…

From a walk with Lill that I forgot to use but having run across it, it must be used.

Liz and I went…

August 29

Liz and I went Mall Walking today at Del Amo. It was too hot outside so we went to this gigantic indoor space and it was fun! I learned from Angela that the reason this place seemed so fresh was because of a major remodel and addition of a new ‘fashion wing’ in 2015.

I got my birthday…

August 28

I got my birthday present window cleaning today, and I and the tenants too are feeling so Bright Eyed! I took this picture this morning, on the 29th and I’m absolutely sure there are more rainbows in my rainbow forest today because of the super-clean windows. I must absolutely remember to keep that garden window CLEAN!

My birthday poem:

With 70 years, it’s a time to be reflective,
Maybe see things with a new perspective?

Reflective, and open to introspection,
Without the unfortunate reflection:

“My view of the world, my contemplative demeanor,
Would be a lot better if those windows were cleaner.”

Let’s make it so! without leaving your seat…
We’ve summoned window cleaners to 22nd Street.

Cleaning and cleaning and not missing a spot,
They’ll get every window on the lot.

With their window washing paraphernalia,
They’ll arrive once you’re back from Australia.

So, this year we hope you’re enjoying the view,
Clean windows – and a Happy Birthday – to You!!!

Ingalill and I went…

August 27

Ingalill and I went to a very very odd place today. It’s called ‘The Museum of Jurassic Technology’. It’s been around for nearly 20 years and this is my first visit.

The Getty newsletter of January 2014 called it ‘The Museum That Proudly Defies Understanding’.

From the same article…

From the same article ‘Although the MJT exudes an authoritative tone, the exhibits subtly yet strenuously push the limits of belief. Fact and fiction lose their distinction and blend into one befuddled state. The husband-and-wife founders of the MJT, David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson, would probably liken this state to a feeling of wonder.’

I could not verify the veracity of a single thing in this very large and very ‘wonder-full’ collection of collections.

I had dinner with…

August 26

I had dinner with Merlyn and Hilda tonight and here’s a picture of Raffi and Hilda from last week on Raffi’s 26th birthday. 26…Yikes…Time FLIES!


Bill and Cheryl and…

Bill and Cheryl and their guests didn’t take a single picture but here’s the really important member of the family – Sweet Addie Rose! Thanks to Ross and Kim.

If you look down in the pictures from 10 years ago you will see that Ross and Kim had just started dating and now here they are, parents.

Oh yes oh yes…

August 18

Oh yes oh yes I so know, Lucky Dog ME! I’m going to Kansas City tomorrow to be in place to experience The Total Eclipse of the Sun.

After we tootled around…

After we tootled around with the sails out, which is great good fun, we went back to the marina to enjoy the view and some delightful Happy Hour DOCKTAILS!

Rome took all these…

August 16

Rome took all these pictures of our day with me, Rome, Lilly, and Lilly’s friend Bailey. Too fun!


Happy Birthday Nancy! …

August 15

Happy Birthday Nancy! We saw a kooky little movie The Trip to Spain and had lunch at Nancy’s favorite place. Birthdays are fun!

Happy 19th Birthday Gideon!…

August 14

Happy 19th Birthday Gideon! These are Gideon’s pictures I got off facebook, pictures he took of his dogs, Bagel and Marley, with his new graduation-gift camera. Good job Gideon! And the Thai food was delicious too.


I drove up to…

August 13

I drove up to Santa Barbara for a quick visit with Michi. We walked, we ate, we talked, we went to the museum…we had fun!

Christa was over for…

August 11

Christa was over for lunch and a great visit – so nice to have her around! She’s going back to Hawaii in a couple of days so luckily for me we found this time to get together.

This is Christa’s picture from Lona and Hartley’s balcony. AWEsome isn’t it?!


Sister day today and…

August 9

Sister day today and as such…here’s an utterly adorable picture of Travis, Lainee, Cali, and Jack. AWW!


I picked up Lilly…

August 8

I picked up Lilly at her Fashion Camp where they are sewing clothes and doing shows – right up Lilly’s alley! We had a picnic lunch at Wilderness Park and a little exploration walk and then both girls had art class. Summer is busy!

Had a nice welcome…

August 7

Had a nice welcome home walk with Sharon this morning and a festive Happy Birthday Becky Monday Night potluck at Maxine’s newly and lavishly remodeled home.

The kids came over…

August 5

The kids came over today and it was a wonderful Welcome Home. Rome made that Welcome Home portrait and wrote a sweet-as-pie Welcome Home haiku. It’s good to be home!

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