’23 June

Muriel Makes Us A Fancy Lasagna

Jo Ann, Alan, and I were all guests at Muriel’s, treated to a two-days-of-preparation celebrity chef style lasagna. Deeelish! And salad, and chocolate cake and strawberries for a Happy Birthday dessert. Happy Birthday to me that is!

Soooo, the next day…

I got home late Thursday after a pleasant and uneventful flight. I used the lyft/uber/taxi shuttle at LAX for the first time and it was totally fine which was wonderful, when expectations are so low, fine is wonderful. Then I slept and fussed around all day Friday, the painter came for a deposit and the exterminator put out his traps. Muriel’s party was Saturday, and DAR&L put on a festive Father’s Day/Birthday Party on Sunday, photos to follow.

Happy Birthday House

Choosing the colors. We sanded down to the original paint. The house has been the same colors since it was built in 1922 and I want it to look exactly the same again. I wanted to do the paint job last year when the house was 100 years. But, you know, it just didn’t happen, so Happy 101st Birthday House!

One week into a two week project and I have nothing to complain about. Wow, right?!

I’ve had the same crew every day, the husband who holds the contractor’s license, his brother, and his uncle. His wife manages the office and stops by also every day to check on the progress and make sure all is well. They have another crew of relatives so they run two jobs at the same time but so far my guys have not been distracted.

Fingers Crossed it ends as well as it has begun.

A Farmers Market Picnic

Lilly and Chloe. We had fun and a yummy lunch from the Farmers Market vendors.

And then we did the Drive-Thru Car Wash.

Lilly and Oliver resting up from a big day. Then I got Rome from work and we went to Michael’s to browse for craft supplies. Rome bought half a basket full including Hello Kitty stickers so I’m looking forward to making another collage for my phone case. I’ll need a Buddha so I can replicate my favorite charm, Hello Kitty Sitting On Buddha’s Lap.

The Always Welcome Palisades Park Walk

Here I am with Sharon so glad to see that one of the big business buildings at the corner of 3rd and Wilshire is Open with a new enterprise, a big fancy chic-chic gym with half the huge space given over to a juice bar and a lounge. I hope it works. Here’s their press release: “JOHN REED, the internationally acclaimed fitness brand known for its cutting-edge facilities, dynamic classes, live DJs, endless training options and a vibrant community atmosphere, is thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of its newest location in the lively city of Santa Monica.

It’s summer now and colonies of summer campers are positioned all along the beach.

The rose garden was in fine form.

Tony And Ingalill Do Midsommar 2023

Jan Sandys-Renton, Lill, Paul with Scott, Andrew (sitting).

More people were pouring in all day – this is but a moment in time… Thanks Tony for writing out the names.

Nick Flax, Peter Flax, me, Bobby Lepore, Patsy Herschberger, Jacqueline D Harris, Fred Deimel and Ron Herschberger

Paul, Scott, Michael W Boney, Denys Milner, Leigh Taylor, John Everett

Sandy Franchini, Red Paterson, Steve Brown, Adolpho Argueta, Nancy Yaffe, Brian Bielski, Miriam Argueta.

Tishy Bunk, Jim Medina, Rick Brown, Michael W Boney, Max Gaertner, Paul Desjardins

Avenue, Avil, Nancy Do, Paul Desjardins, Maggie Read

Tishy Bunk and her friend Anna.

Erick Melton, Mary Pavlica, Rick Brown, Jill Ryan Martin, Jim Medina, Gary Pavlica

Nancy Do, Tony

Santa Barbara Then Into The Woods

Michi is in Santa Barbara visiting from her home in Mexico and it’s our chance to get together for lunch with Nancy.

Then after lunch and after a lovely tea-and-cookies visit with Michi and her friend Teddy, I made my way to DTLA for a quick dinner and meet-up with Rick and his friends Lena and Joyce. Rick had invited me to join them for the opening night of Into The Woods at the Ahmanson. WOW it was Really Good! I didn’t have super-high expectations but the cast was so fantastic, every character came to life.

Lena is from St Petersburg and when I asked her about my favorite cookies in St Petersburg she said “oh they’re easy to get, and fresh too, on Fairfax” and she recommended Odessa and Kashtan. I’m putting it here to, say I hopefully, find it!


From the Music Center plaza, I still love this DWP building as I did when it was built in 1965.

Some Wind Chimes Alright

Windy and I were walking to lunch and passed by her neighbor with the giGANtic wind chimes. There’s a sign in the garden saying you are most welcome to ring the chimes, just be respectful of the garden. The fabulous garden wraps all around the large corner lot and includes flowers galore and a large section of raised beds for vegetables.

And here is Windy’s flower bed that wraps around her porch. A couple time a year the gardeners refresh the plants and it’s always a delight.

Me And Susie Had So Much Fun

The Flower Show at the LA Louver is a total charmer. I really liked almost everything in there including this flower/weed made out of painted metal and so many pieces from different styles and eras, it was great and kudos to their curator, Elizabeth East. Here are Elizabeth East’s notes on the show.


We had a delicious lunch at Ospi around the corner, and then walked down to the Venice Canals. What a great day!


Why did I take this picture completely covering all of my face and most of Susie’s? I do not know. We’re cute though.

This was also the day I zoom-visited with Hilda and Victoria, had the electrician out to get the lights working again, and settled with my next tenant. It felt like a very busy day and thankfully a fun, productive, and lucky one.

Then And


Calvin, Deacon, Lilly, Roxie

(the first picture is Deacon, Calvin, Lilly, Roxie)

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