Santa Barbara Then Into The Woods

Michi is in Santa Barbara visiting from her home in Mexico and it’s our chance to get together for lunch with Nancy.

Then after lunch and after a lovely tea-and-cookies visit with Michi and her friend Teddy, I made my way to DTLA for a quick dinner and meet-up with Rick and his friends Lena and Joyce. Rick had invited me to join them for the opening night of Into The Woods at the Ahmanson. WOW it was Really Good! I didn’t have super-high expectations but the cast was so fantastic, every character came to life.

Lena is from St Petersburg and when I asked her about my favorite cookies in St Petersburg she said “oh they’re easy to get, and fresh too, on Fairfax” and she recommended Odessa and Kashtan. I’m putting it here to, say I hopefully, find it!


From the Music Center plaza, I still love this DWP building as I did when it was built in 1965.
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