Tony And Ingalill Do Midsommar 2023

Jan Sandys-Renton, Lill, Paul with Scott, Andrew (sitting).

More people were pouring in all day – this is but a moment in time… Thanks Tony for writing out the names.

Nick Flax, Peter Flax, me, Bobby Lepore, Patsy Herschberger, Jacqueline D Harris, Fred Deimel and Ron Herschberger

Paul, Scott, Michael W Boney, Denys Milner, Leigh Taylor, John Everett

Sandy Franchini, Red Paterson, Steve Brown, Adolpho Argueta, Nancy Yaffe, Brian Bielski, Miriam Argueta.

Tishy Bunk, Jim Medina, Rick Brown, Michael W Boney, Max Gaertner, Paul Desjardins

Avenue, Avil, Nancy Do, Paul Desjardins, Maggie Read

Tishy Bunk and her friend Anna.

Erick Melton, Mary Pavlica, Rick Brown, Jill Ryan Martin, Jim Medina, Gary Pavlica

Nancy Do, Tony
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