Laguna Beach and Mission San Juan Capistrano

A cool place to hang.

The waiter told us…

The waiter told us some people must have dropped off a pair of rabbits around Easter time, that’s when he started seeing them every day, and since then they have made themselves at home here and ever since have been breeding like, well, rabbits.

I’ve had to resort…

I’ve had to resort to internet pictures for the huge highlights of today.

The SPA, wow, sooo nice.

Late lunch at Nick’s in town where we shared what we both agreed was among the most delicious sandwiches EVER.

Then, TaDAHH, Pageant of the Masters! If you don’t know what this is you can look it up because it’s an interesting story and except for a four year WWII break, it has been presented here yearly since 1933.

The only picture I…

The only picture I have of us so I’m using it despite my mile-high hair.

Check out my new visor that I bought in Laguna. That baby makes serious shade and doesn’t get tangled in hair. Plus it’s made from bathing suit material so you can wear it wet if you want.

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