’22 June

Welcome Home ME

Look what happened while I was gone? Wow!

It’s been a week since I got back and I’ve been pretty busy but not so busy that I haven’t been, for the most part, Resting! Alex came over for a day of chores so that was super-satisfying. Carol came too and we had some fun. I did laundry, a little grocery shopping, some nice visiting with family and friends. Maybe now I’ll be back to remembering to take a photo!

Here are a few I got with my phone:

When Lona picked me up at the airport she brought me a serving of delicious chili. Chili in the plastic pint container, sour cream in the Lilikoi Butter, a couple tablespoons of chopped red onion in the medicine bottle (yes!), grated cheese in a baggie, and potato salad in the Jam jar. Awww, thank you sister!

Welcome To Summer lunch with Lilly. We love the Puffy Pita Place.

A FABulous dinner with Charis and her serious boyfriend (and a real charmer) Peyton. Me, Lona, and Windy too, at Fig’s b.e.s.t happy hour EVER.

Virginia Robinson Gardens

Susie and I went out and had a great day. We ate a lovely breakfast and then went into Beverly Hills for a tour of the Virginia Robinson Gardens. We both thought it was well worth the trouble to make a reservation, get into their crazy parking lot, etc.. They have a good website, there’s wikipedia, I’ll leave the details to your interest if you want to look it up.


From the side of the main house.
One small wedge of the 6.2 acres. That’s a statue down there, I forget who it is.
Painted medallions in the entryway, no photos allowed in the house.
A fabulous Walking Fig.
Our guide knew a lot and had a fine loud voice so we could all enjoy the commentary.
Thank you Susie for the ornament and for a 100% Great Day!

The Bower And The Broad

Second, I went with Hilda, Merlyn, and Susan to see a wonderful production of Conference of the Birds at The Broad Stage. Hilda has been working with the production company since the beginning and due to her efforts they made it happen!

Then we went to Misfits for a celebratory cocktail, and a second celebratory cocktail to my birthday. And the late-night appetizers were Very Delicious. (I haven’t done THAT in a while!) Thanks to Susan for The Book of JOY because who couldn’t use more JOY, and I’ll have a picture of my gift from Hilda later when I’ve figured out its home.


First though, Lilly and I went to the Bowers Museum for a nice hit of Disney. She was totally thrilled by the Dr Strange pendant and a necklace from Black Panther. The actual favorite thing she found later, was Loci’s Horns. Now That was Exciting!

A Three Holiday Day

It’s Juneteenth reminding me of good and evil, it’s Father’s Day to celebrate the dads, and it’s My Birthday.

My sisters Lona and Windy put together such a beautiful afternoon. We had massages, Cynthia treated us to a yummy dinner, we played the most clever table games created by my sisters, and then out in the back yard we played ‘let’s scratch All the scratchers!’ which was a ton of fun!


And before that Darryl and Angela hosted a beautiful brunch with Liz and Gary too.

Lilly made the fruit salad and she made these adorable frogs!
For my self-portrait gallery…Angela too the photo.

The Movies And Tongva Park

Marsha came out West and we ate our favorites at Ye Olde Kings Head, took a walk to Tongva Park, and then watched a very weird movie. Very Weird. It was Everything Everywhere All At Once. I did like it though.

Santa Monica City Hall
Mine Mine
One of the many paths through Tongva Park where all the landscape is native plants.
A view of the pier from the Tongva Park bee hives.


Look what they have at Whole Foods. Two different varieties of plain Skyr! I bought the one with more protean and less sugar and it is delicious, like the ones in Iceland once you stir it up. In Iceland they eat it with pureed fruit for breakfast, dropped into soup at lunch time, and they make various desserts with it at dinner.

Birthday Sushi

Ann and I had our Happy Birthday to US traditional sushi feast at Musashi
but since I didn’t take any pictures, here are some roses from another day at Palisades Park.

Let’s Go Shopping

We had a very nice lunch at True Food on the Promenade and then we went shopping. Lilly went shopping actually and we, Angela and I, were her entourage. It was fun. Lilly spent her own money and she had to choose, because everything looks good on Lilly!

Ann and I

Ann and I, the June birthdays, hosted a Birthday Party at Odyssey, a nice place with a view of the whole San Fernando Valley. It was lovely and not to forget life in the Valley, 101 degrees.

Maxine, Marsha, me, Marija, Ann, Alicia. Unfortunately Becky and Ljubica couldn’t make it.

Midsummer With Tony and Ingalill

The party is winding down, I arrived late and it’s semi-dark already, there are as many tables on the other side of the yard and always so many people. Tony does a big BBQ and there are tables full of food in the house. Thanks guys, it was fun!

What’s Next

Ingalill invited me to Corsica. So yes, of course, I’m going to Corsica!

The group I met up with in Sweden back in 2019 planned a trip to Corsica for a week in September for 4 couples, then they had a few drop-outs so there was room for me to join too. OK! But I’m not going to go all that way for a week in Corsica so I’m going on my own for almost three weeks in Switzerland. I’ve never been to Switzerland!

More details to follow!

With Merlyn In Little Tokyo

A fountain in one of the Plazas scattered through Little Tokyo.


Let’s have an outing! A reflect-o at the Japanese American National Museum.

We had a yummy ramen lunch at the Daikokuya.
We wandered into an art gallery..
I like this one.
Daieny Chin It’s Nice That or In the Middle of Nowhere 2022.
Where I parked.

Our Favorite At The Annenberg

It seems Bonnie and I always default to the Annenberg for our visits – good food, comfy venue, lovely walk, what’s not to like?!

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