The Bower And The Broad

Second, I went with Hilda, Merlyn, and Susan to see a wonderful production of Conference of the Birds at The Broad Stage. Hilda has been working with the production company since the beginning and due to her efforts they made it happen!

Then we went to Misfits for a celebratory cocktail, and a second celebratory cocktail to my birthday. And the late-night appetizers were Very Delicious. (I haven’t done THAT in a while!) Thanks to Susan for The Book of JOY because who couldn’t use more JOY, and I’ll have a picture of my gift from Hilda later when I’ve figured out its home.


First though, Lilly and I went to the Bowers Museum for a nice hit of Disney. She was totally thrilled by the Dr Strange pendant and a necklace from Black Panther. The actual favorite thing she found later, was Loci’s Horns. Now That was Exciting!

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