Welcome Home ME

Look what happened while I was gone? Wow!

It’s been a week since I got back and I’ve been pretty busy but not so busy that I haven’t been, for the most part, Resting! Alex came over for a day of chores so that was super-satisfying. Carol came too and we had some fun. I did laundry, a little grocery shopping, some nice visiting with family and friends. Maybe now I’ll be back to remembering to take a photo!

Here are a few I got with my phone:

When Lona picked me up at the airport she brought me a serving of delicious chili. Chili in the plastic pint container, sour cream in the Lilikoi Butter, a couple tablespoons of chopped red onion in the medicine bottle (yes!), grated cheese in a baggie, and potato salad in the Jam jar. Awww, thank you sister!

Welcome To Summer lunch with Lilly. We love the Puffy Pita Place.

A FABulous dinner with Charis and her serious boyfriend (and a real charmer) Peyton. Me, Lona, and Windy too, at Fig’s b.e.s.t happy hour EVER.
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