Last Day In Reykjavik

Above, an art project at My Church, Hallgrímskirkja, that wasn’t there when I left!

On the way into town I stopped off at The Settlement Center in Borgarnes. It’s a museum of the early days in Iceland and also a walk through models telling the story of the Egils Saga. The audio tour was quite good – a modest, lovely detour, well worth it if you have the time.

Back in Reykjavik I dropped my bag at the guesthouse, then dropped the car, and then walked to the guesthouse through downtown. Look at this house…you know you’re back in Reykjavik.

When I started walking it was dry..
..and then rain that no one seemed to mind.

Guðbjörg and I had a wonderful last day in Iceland. We went to Árbær Open Air Museum and it was delightful.

We waited in the sweet café for the English language guide and we both just loved this kid. He’s studying history, not surprisingly has perfect English, and answered every question with a delightful and appropriate story.

The old and the new.


Remember back three weeks ago (of course not!), next door to my guesthouse was a small local art gallery that had many pieces out on their lawn. These folks were working on a project and The Big Reveal was due on the day before I was to leave on my drive, so I was anxious to see it. I didn’t swell with joy but it was fun:

And here we have how it looks 2 1/2 weeks later. They’ve mulched it up and what they said was they had no idea what to do next – tend to it? change the plants? let it go wild? Now I’m a little invested in the whole thing and I want to know what’s going to happen. So..success you guys!

I walked down to the bus station to get my covid test and a bus ticket to the airport.

Then in the morning, Home Sweet Home. The flights went well. Goodness I was so grateful for Global Entry and TSA Pre. Those lines in JFK were a killer. Comfort+ on Delta, thumbs up. Now it is the 11th so yes, it’s taken me some time to finish and I haven’t done a polish on these posts, but thanks to Marsha for keeping up with the proof reading!

Iceland – you can Go There.

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