’16 February

Home all month with mostly just this and that.

Lill and I enjoyed…

February 28

Lill and I enjoyed one of our photophoto outings, this time at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes (they say Botanic, not Botanical as I first wrote).

They’ve been having a project, “Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks”, on until at least the middle of March. This is the logo of the garden, a giant hummingbird built entirely of Legos.

We hit it Big…

We hit it Big with the cherry blossoms! Their festival is next weekend but it was looking might good today.

That’s Lill doing ohana-mi, pretend, but the spirt is there. ‘O’ is an honorific, ‘hana’ means flower, and ‘mi’ means look. So ohana-mi means look at the particularly wonderful flower(s).

You need sake though, so that you drink your sake out of a little sake cup, throwing your head back to declare ‘ohana-mi!’.

There! We stood…

There! We stood under these trees for 10-15 minutes waiting for a chance to catch one in the open.

We were trying to…

We were trying to get a reflect-o in the front windows with Buddy The Dog. This is Lill’s shot and it came out great!


An all-around out-and-about day…

February 25

An all-around out-and-about day including a stop to check out progress at the incline. There were a few signs posted saying opening July 4th. That’s about a month past the original date so let’s hope for the best.

Then and Recently (before they tore it all down for the rebuild) according to the internet.

Angelus Paving Stones: I…

February 24

Angelus Paving Stones: I drove out to OXNARD today to look at pavers since it’s looking better that my project for the patio might get off the ground. (A little funny…)

The place was great because they had nice sized patches of each type. I brought home three small samples that together weight about 300 pounds.

I went home via…

I went home via Marsha and Tom’s to, again, watch movies! We saw Room and Trumbo.

All that’s left for me in Best Picture is Mad Max and I could watch that on Amazon for 10 bucks. Hmmm. I did particularly want to see that one in a theater but since that’s not happening maybe I’ll go for it.

On your mark, get…

February 23

On your mark, get set…an entire class full of kindergarteners GO! That’s Lilly with the helmet looking away, and it’s the best I got.

Fortunately there was an entire bank of adults taking pictures so no one is relying on mine!

Marsha and Tom treated…

February 22

Marsha and Tom treated me to massive amounts of delicious food, both lunch and dinner, both before, after, and during our movie double feature of The Martian and Brooklyn.

Of the Best Picture nominees I still haven’t seen Mad Max which I really want to see big, and Room which I also want to see but would probably be ok for tv.

OLÉ! We had…

February 21

OLÉ! We had a festive outing this early evening at El Cid, the historic home of LA Flamenco! in operation for 50 years…I remember when it was young…

I preordered a wide selection of tapas and sangria. It was good, and the show was a delight.

Ann, Becky, Alicia, Maryanne, Ljubica, Marsha, Lourdes, Maxine, Marija

Then I had dinner…

Then I had dinner with Hilda and Raffi. We all put tattoos on our hand…because…they were there.

I and the cousins…

February 19

I and the cousins Nancy and Sharon went to LACMA today. Nancy is a LACMA docent and hadn’t yet seen the Frank Gehry show.

Oh no! …

Oh no!

If I would see ‘The Louis Vuitton Museum’ in a Paris guidebook would I go out of my way to find it? Probably not. Actually I did see it in a guidebook and I didn’t find it. But oh no, it’s a crazy Frank Gehry building and I could have stood inside!

I have failed again…

February 17

I have failed again and again in trying to get my patio with 7 different kinds of broken pavers fixed and my 40 year old disintegrating arbor rebuilt.

So a new guy came out today. Will I fail again? If this one doesn’t pan out I’m going to make him tell me why, WHY!

We celebrated three birthdays…

February 15

We celebrated three birthdays at the Monday Night Potluck with a combined age of…never mind.

Once again 24 rude you-are-so-old birthday cards were exchanged without a duplicate. We are always amazed that this happens so often.

It was a walkin’…

February 13

It was a walkin’ day today. I walked with Lynn from her house to the French Café for a lovely and ooo-la-la breakfast, and back…

…and then I walked…

…and then I walked with Lona for a few miles around the Marina.

Look how foggy and cool it was. I was expecting a heat wave but no, the heat wave is coming tomorrow, or so ‘they’ say.

We like to stroll into the UCLA dock area when the gate is open. We get to see all the team rowers and kids learning to sail and many other fun activities.

I met Boban for…

February 12

I met Boban for lunch at the Santa Monica airport and then we walked over to the Museum of Flying just down the road from the restaurant, the Spitfire Grill.

It costs ten bucks to get in here, eight if you’re My Age and both ten and eight feel a little high for the stroll through old one- and two-seaters including some planes that were homemade from kits.

I got to sit…

I got to sit in one. It was quite fun and if you ever feel like an easy afternoon when the weather is nice I can recommend lunch on the Spitfire patio and then making your way over to the Museum of Flying.

There must have been…

February 11

There must have been 20 school buses parked in the garage at the Getty this afternoon. This is one of the older and larger groups, enjoying themselves I think.

Nancy came over for…

February 10

Nancy came over for dinner and she has a home for the blue orchid. I’m so glad!

(with the phone in near total darkness…)

I got this adorableness…

February 9

I got this adorableness off facebook. So there is a reason.

The kindergarteners at Lilly’s school celebrated their 100 days of learning by dressing up like old people, maybe 100 years old. Grandmas they said. Grandmas like pearls and they need glasses to see. And grandmas clearly have great clothes.

Lilly, Angela, Darryl, Roxi, and a third adorable girl whose name I’ll have to get.

Sharon and I were…

February 7

Sharon and I were having our mid-walk snack on the Venice boardwalk and sitting at the next table no more than one foot away, less than an arms length, were Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

I of course did not recognize them. It’s true. Sharon had to tell me after we walked away.

(internet pic)

That’s Bonnie holding the…

February 5

That’s Bonnie holding the magnifying glass and Ben with the needle to pry the splinter out of my right hand pointing finger.

Thank You, what a relief…and then Bonnie and I went to the ZOO.

Lona went with me…

February 4

Lona went with me to choose pavers for the patio job and then we had a nice long walk on the jetty and around the Marina. I’m so happy to report that she is feeling better.

Every year the Nuart…

February 3

Every year the Nuart shows the Academy Award nominated animated and live action shorts. Nancy organizes an available time and we four go.

With a few notable exceptions they were sadly depressing in 2015. Usually they go for tear-jerking but not so much this time.

Lilly. On the…

February 2

Lilly. On the right we’re coming home from school. She chooses her own ensemble. They don’t let her wear the veil during class so she just turns that little hat around.

Then we were fooling with the phone camera lenses she got from Santa. You can clip them on to any phone and this fisheye is too much fun.

Wow, the Promenade, cool…

February 1

Wow, the Promenade, cool flags and the dinos are looking sharp. They’re running the dino-fountains again which is welcome.

Our California Incline might…

Our California Incline might be ready for the summer. That would be nice. When they started the estimated completion date was April 20-May 20 2016 and if they actually finish on time I will be impressed.

That’s Sharon. We’re walking.

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