’22 December

Almost Ready

And totally excited! Cynthia did it all. She sent me tickets, rented our gorgeous accommodation in Mexico City, researched activities, restaurants, etc., she’s making it all so easy and comfortable for me. Thank you Thank you!

1 = Meeting Cynthia in Mexico City for an extended visit, with enough time to do whatever we want.

2 = Spending a nice chunk of time at Cynthia’s Home Sweet HOME in San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

3 = At Lake Chapala to kick around with Michi for a week.

Why Did I Suggest Lunch At The Mall

I was meeting Hilda for lunch and there’s a mall about half-way between us and a Chinese restaurant at the mall that is different and fun. There are three big windows like this with four people at each station making dumplings of various shapes and fillings. And Hilda had some shopping to do. But parking?! Noooo. I finally paid for valet which just meant that I got a parking spot, and it was worth it. That said, the parking lot was well and truly packed although the mall was definitely not.

There was a line though, of people waiting for their chance to get a 1,000 calorie Cinnabon.

Christmas Fun

I’m going to be with Cynthia on Christmas this year so DAR&L made a nice Early Christmas for us to celebrate before I left. So timely it was for carolers to come by and they did a couple delightful songs.

We had Christmas Breakfast for dinner! It was Rome’s idea and So Much Fun. And to top it off Angela made really good churros and Mexican hot chocolate. What a wonderful Adiós!

We exchanged gifts (that’s my pile!), played a game, and then it was time for vaya con dios hugs and kisses.

See you next year my darlings!

From Recent Days

Some walks, the kitchen when the winter sun gives us rainbows, with thanks to my walkin’ pals.

So Many Noels

me, Alicia, Lourdes, Ljubica, Maxine, Becky, Marija, Ann (Marsha was out of town on a mission of mercy)

Tonight was our annual Holiday Extravaganza. Alicia hosts and cooks most of the food with the rest of us contributing side dishes. We exchange little gifts for everyone and a Secret Santa gift too. It’s been our event of the year for soo many years.

Based on my pictures it looks like we started holding this particular party at Alicia’s in 2007, or this is my first evidence of it anyway:

My Monday Valley Girls…2007
Ljubica, Ann, Maryanne, Lourdes, Alicia, Maxine Marsha, Becky, Ruth, Marija, me.
Ruth and Maryanne have passed.

The Water Garden

This is an office complex in Santa Monica, a prime location pre-covid and now it feels like there is more than plenty of space available.


This is an aerial from the internet, looking west to the blue Pacific.

Not Seen By Me Before

Jo Ann has a show up at the Rose Gallery in Bergamot Station and among many wonderful pieces there was an entire series that I don’t think I had ever seen before.

Jo Ann Callis Domestic Interiors

Happy Birthday Burt

The invitation to a fine fete put on by Burt’s wife Char, son David, and daughter-in-law Ann, widely attended by family and friends!


I just went around annoying people left and right…

Friend Marilyn and her son Will, Grandsons Brad and John, Friend Dave and girlfriend Ishani.

Cousin Rob, Burt, Char, Rob’s Barbara, Cousin Mickey, Mickey’s Jodi

Nieces and their mom, Willow

Char’s Cousin Niki, B&C Matchmaker Steve, Syd

Ann, Dave, Nephew Nathan


Three pictures follow which should include everyone as we’d gather here to watch the video that the family put together.


Dave, Burt, Jodi, Mickey, Char, Willow, Brad, Ann, Terry, Arlene


Dave performing a piece apropos to the occasion – Still Crazy After All These Years and Burt admiring his son.


The front room in the house.

And a view from the front of this charming house.




..and a ‘self-portrait’ too.

Lilly Plays Tiger Lily

Family Theater in Hermosa Beach, Lilly played Tiger Lily in their production of Peter Pan, and she was WONDERFUL.


Some pictures from Angela!

Lilly was in the ensemble in one of the other (of the 7!) performances, here with her cutie-pie friend Cody.

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