So Many Noels

me, Alicia, Lourdes, Ljubica, Maxine, Becky, Marija, Ann (Marsha was out of town on a mission of mercy)

Tonight was our annual Holiday Extravaganza. Alicia hosts and cooks most of the food with the rest of us contributing side dishes. We exchange little gifts for everyone and a Secret Santa gift too. It’s been our event of the year for soo many years.

Based on my pictures it looks like we started holding this particular party at Alicia’s in 2007, or this is my first evidence of it anyway:

My Monday Valley Girls…2007
Ljubica, Ann, Maryanne, Lourdes, Alicia, Maxine Marsha, Becky, Ruth, Marija, me.
Ruth and Maryanne have passed.
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