Happy Birthday Burt

The invitation to a fine fete put on by Burt’s wife Char, son David, and daughter-in-law Ann, widely attended by family and friends!


I just went around annoying people left and right…

Friend Marilyn and her son Will, Grandsons Brad and John, Friend Dave and girlfriend Ishani.

Cousin Rob, Burt, Char, Rob’s Barbara, Cousin Mickey, Mickey’s Jodi

Nieces and their mom, Willow

Char’s Cousin Niki, B&C Matchmaker Steve, Syd

Ann, Dave, Nephew Nathan


Three pictures follow which should include everyone as we’d gather here to watch the video that the family put together.


Dave, Burt, Jodi, Mickey, Char, Willow, Brad, Ann, Terry, Arlene


Dave performing a piece apropos to the occasion – Still Crazy After All These Years and Burt admiring his son.


The front room in the house.

And a view from the front of this charming house.




..and a ‘self-portrait’ too.
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